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We win a lot now in good part due to the mans we have recruited through this post. To get in read every thing below. We will then test you in a few random BG's. Either myself or Sauura will run the actual RBG which means be ready to be yelled at. People who don't listen will be replaced. We have everything we need, but we like to rotate people often and we would like to run even more so we need back ups for some things. I have said no to people who applied, and I likely will again. Just because you PvP doesn't mean we're looking for you. We're looking for mans with skill. If you were too lazy to read that, you might fit in, just don't app without reading whats below this.

High Priority: (We're still looking for good FCs, they just aren't our top priority anymore).
    -Warrior: DPS
    -Paladin: DPS
    -Druid: DPS and Heals

Lowest Priority: (May still apply, but must be exceptional to be considered.)
    -Mage: DPS
    -Rogue: DPS
    -Death Knight: DPS
    -Druid: Flag Carrier

How to Apply:
    -#1 Way, send me a tell or in-game letter.
    -Use the in-game guild finder and send in an app. Put words on it otherwise we will delete it.
    -www.deepwaterpirates.net - Ignore the recruiting is closed post, that's for PvE. PvP recruiting is open; I should know, I'm in charge of it.

    -Gemmed/Enchanted/Reforged gear. 3.5k Resil for DPS and Heals, 3.8k for Flag Carriers.
    -Experience: We get a lot of apps. Have achievements, a load of HKs. Good arena rating helps, but to be fair, they are different beasts- a 2k+ rated person will look good to us.
    -Show up. We run almost every night except Thursdays at 7pm Server Time.
    -Microphone and vent. Communication wins fights.

As a note, this is not for PvE. I don't handle PvE. No one in our guild handles PvE. If you leik PvE I bet you leik to shwim wiff mudkips. Don't ask me about PvE because I don't leik mudkips.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
A feral druid would be a great addition, rawr.

We are srz mans this season and we plan on helping guilds/servers get to HWL because that's what the Derpwater Pirates is all about and to hell with anything else.
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We have a ton of mages who want to go, but like I said, we'll look at any good player. A good feral druid would be nice, but we don't want someone who can't play the class and swapped to it simply because it got "buffed".
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90 Pandaren Rogue
Can I join?!
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Jesus Christ you came back? DWP is renaming itself to Deepwater Scrubs now and we're actually gonna do it.

We are still looking for a competent flag carrier type.
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85 Undead Warlock
All hope is in eclipse. Hail Satan.
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We have found a few healers and DPS, but we are only prospecting a few flag carriers. We still need to see some more peoples before we make any choices!
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bump for mans
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Bump for mans and the update. I still rant about those who swim with mudkips.
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
The real question is.. how many minorities are in the guild?
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90 Blood Elf Paladin

We have found a few healers and DPS, but we are only prospecting a few flag carriers. We still need to see some more peoples before we make any choices!

If only there were an experienced flag carrier around here....
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We found some more mans, but we're always still looking.
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Bump for e friends.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Our stupid forums say recruiting is closed. Those forums are wrong.
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Updated again.
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