Wanted: Guild Bounty Hunters

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That addon sounds interesting. I'd be curious to know how much active memory it eats up. Currently I've got a new internet provider and it seems like my home lat is always red. So how much memory an addon uses would be of interest to me.

It sounds like you intend it to do a lot and provide many things.
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When I loaded the Addon and set it all up . I had hit the audit button and it kept telling me that a player named Gradelex was not online, then changed all of our guild notes ot something like :GL:OO:"
Also, when I put 60 gold in the guild bank to try and set up my first bounty it saId I was -20g for the bank and could not setup a bounty.
I must be doing something wrong.
Also, does the person claiming the bounty need to go to the guildbank? Is that where it will verify the kill and distribute the gold?
I's be really excited to get this going smoothly. Our guild loves World PVP and this would really amp up participation.
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My guild is mainly PVE but we have an active PVP group. The main reason for us to use this would be target gankers especially those that attack our lowbies or camp a spot.

I am however VERY interested in the "faction" aspect with regard to the guild bank. It would be very useful to setup so that GB contributors, those getting guild level achievements, Guild RBG or Raid attendees, or Guild majority dungeon groups would get "rep" that could be setup to discount the purchase of GB items (as long as I could control tab access). This would reward loyalty to the guild and would be fair distribution. I might suggest that you separate the PVP aspect versus the guild bank discount system. I am the Guildmaster of DGS on Kil'jaeden if you wanted to contact me for ideas.
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06/29/2011 04:53 PMPosted by Ozrik
Greetings fellow Warcrafters! I am inviting anyone interested to help me test a pet project of mine. I am the developer of the Guild Bounty Hunter addon.

Hi! I'm not sure if you still watch for reply's on this thread, but myself and the GM are attempting to integrate your addon into our Guild. It seems simple enough to operate, but there are a few things that I have questions about and I've looked for every scrap of info I could on the subject (there isn't much), to no avail.

So I hope that you, or someone familiar with this addon, could help us out.

Here's the issues we're having...
In testing the addon, when I create a bounty and the GM kills the bounty, it does not say that the bounty has been claimed. However, when I create the bounty, and then I claim it, it DOES say it's been claimed, by me. So I was wondering if It still (somehow) recognizes that the GM killed the bounty, and I just haven't found where to look for that info... OR We've done something the wrong way.

Second: When I open the factions window, no player names are present. I can't tell who's gained what rep with which faction, even though I know that I have earned rep with at least one of the factions while going about my day. What do I do to find that information?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. But for now, I suppose I will continue to figure this out! It's a great idea, and will be a great addition to our Guild, if and when I figure it out!

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Nice necro there.
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I'm back after taking a break from WoW. I've started up a new guild called <Dragon Moon Clan>. I'm also developing and testing the Guild Bounty Hunter addon so if you're interested in this project contact me for an invite.

We are also forming teams for arenas and are gearing up for RBGs.
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