Freak Show is looking for a few more dedicated people going into Firelands. We raid Tues-Thurs 6pm-8pm server and Sundays starting at 3pm server. We also do fun raids and other content in our off time. We currently have need of a second tank and are also looking for some ranged dps. Freak Show prides itself on a mature culture based on teamwork, dedication to one another, and our guild.

You must show that you are dedicated to helping the guild out, know your class and role, as well as being prepared and knowing the fights before stepping into a raid. If interested post an application on our website or speak to Stormlight in game or through the looking for guild system.

Currently Seeking:
Tank (Any class)
Ranged Dps: Boomkin/Warlock/Shadow Priest/Hunter

Not one of the classes we are looking for right now, but want a fun guild? We are always taking awesome applicants to our guild who want to play and have fun with a group of friends.