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08/05/2011 10:47 PMPosted by Feya
(Seriously. Though at this point I think you consider me the Fox News of pandering).

You put yourself in that position, no one else.

08/05/2011 10:47 PMPosted by Feya
If you'd like we can do a dance of numbers all night long. I don't think raw numbers (read: logs) are ultimately going to convince either side of this debate whose right.

But your feeble attempt tried to do just that.

08/05/2011 10:47 PMPosted by Feya
My admittedly brief look at your guilds logs for the week was obviously not the indepth argument necessary to convince you or anyone on the WoW forums (though I must say the anti-mastery crowd is peculiarly quiet here...).

We're here, it's just that what works for him and his guild and his makeup is what works for his him, his guild, and his makeup. He and Zaroua introduced this mastery thing going on because of a very simple priority list in facing damage. Mitigation is right below completely avoiding the damage. I like looking at how he approaches doing these encounters differently, especially if it highlights the job we do the most: tank healing.

08/05/2011 10:47 PMPosted by Feya
I'm also not one of those staunch defenders of the status quo either. I am completely open and flexible to change when ideas show up that mesh with my playstyle and maximize our classes hps output. It also doesn't mean I get swept away in the latest fad. Which honestly, browsing the healer blogs, this is.

I wouldn't consider it a 'fad,' if anything it's a 'trend' that is slowly gaining momentum by paladins who aren't afraid to experiment. You're not a 'staunch defender of the status quo', and yet you're using the build that is the status quo (haste/spirit). I don't know if that makes you a hipster by nature of irony or just stupid.

No healer, however, will ever stick 100% to his targets all the time. Doing so blindly is how people die. Anyone inferring otherwise is moronic.

Says who? Where are you even coming from by saying that? If your raid leader told you, "Ok Feya only stay on the tanks for this encounter," you do that. That's your assignment. It's even more prominent with Paladins if anything. Especially in heroic modes. You're the moron for inferring that guilds shouldn't/don't have strict assignments at which healers strictly follow.

08/05/2011 10:47 PMPosted by Feya
Either way, I still think the "whatever works in your raid" argument is a poor exit strategy for failing to use min-max theorycrafting. After all, isn't that why we do this (argue)?

Eloderung and his guild have been "doing things differently" for some time now. You either must be new to the forums, or don't have a shred of common sense to remotely recognize that.

Not every guild will follow the 'status quo' on what can or can not be completed the 'right way.' If a guild chooses to create a set up for a certain paradigm or mechanic, let them. Lord knows that people like who who've killed Heroic Rag can only give them advice.

Oh wait.

Edit: I don't want this to sound snide or whatever, but I just don't see the logic in what you're trying to say. He's farther progressed than you are. He's farther progressed than a lot of us. What he's been doing has obviously been working for him, and yet you knock him for it, question his raid roles and efficiency?

It seems what you should really be questioning is why you aren't that far and what you could do to be getting there. Don't hate.

Edit: A day late but CONGRATS ZAR.
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