Hey there.

My guild has been raiding together for about three years now. We are a good team, but people are having real life obligations and we are ending up one or two people short for raids. We do ten man content and we did get a few heroic modes down before the patch, but we just didn’t have enough days to raid because of real life schedules.

We want to change that and need a few good people to join us. We are on Bronzebeard and usually raid Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm-9pm Pacific time. We are looking to add more days and hope to find someone that will be dedicated and want to progress with us.

We have had a few people come to us from other servers and think that he/she is going to be some sort of star and we are going to be rolling out the red carpet for him/her. Not so. We will treat you with respect and expect the same from you as we do from our other members.

There are not that many successful Horde guilds on our server, so come join us and help us be the best!

Looking for a healer and ranged DPS, but anyone is welcome as long as you are serious about succeeding with us. Please be over 18.

Please contact me on Snuggee, Revillusion, or Metabolic on Bronzebeard. You can also
Visit, http://www.morechaos.net, but would rather talk with you directly.

Thanks for your time!