Council of the Kurenai is accepting guild applications. While we are small now (as in I'm the only one), we are planning on expanding aggressively and quickly once people join. At the moment, I am working on character development so the guild is mainly level based. However, once 85 is hit, guild vision will explode and great things will be accomplished including competitive raiding, pvp (if you wish) and leveling alts as a form of meeting your own needs as well as that of the guilds.

We are looking for, at the moment:

1. Mature and responsible players.
2. Potential raid leaders.
3. Someone to manage the in-game recruitment.
4. Someone to manage guild policies.
5. Someone to manage the guild bank.
6. Fun players!

If this at all piques your interest, please text me in game or respond in kind. My toon's name is Terraheal.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing/working with you.