Back when you were bad

85 Night Elf Druid
Or maybe you're like me and still are, who knows? I'll start this one.

Back in the day, from my first day of WoW until about 2 months ago when my warrior was my main, I
-equipped every single green that dropped, be it cloth, daggers, Int gear, w/e
-Didn't know u could repair broken gear, so I was constantly replacing my uber greens.
-at about level 50, asked myself "what does 39 unspent talent points mean?"
-Thought because i was a warrior, i was automatically a tank
-Thought the game was broken because at level 40, killing mobs in the NE starting area wasn't giving any XP.
-Farmed for the Warglaives of Azzinoth, all day, every day in nagrand from trash because someone told me that's where they got theirs
-got berserker stance at level 70 by accident when I ran into a quest I hadn't done.(when 70 was cap)
-ALWAYS had a shield and dagger equipped in fury spec
-Believed somebody when he told me for 50g he'd actually let me have the STV arena chest. "Hey this chest in empty!" Incoming Frostbolt, I Dies. Gimme my 50g back, Iceoid casts "teleport: Stormwind"

Anyone else to share?
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100 Undead Rogue
I used an Ammo Pouch on my Warrior. Until level 60.

I wanted to shoot faster, and it carried my ammo.

(^ 2004-Early 2005)

I had a level 40 Gnome Rogue and this Rogue (at about lvl... 20-30... twinking before bracket change)... I figured out that you could use Backstab outside of Stealth. I mean Ambush did way more damage, why even give you Backstab right?

(^ When BGs were new)

There's more I'm sure, but... I think those are pretty bad.
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85 Human Death Knight
I was still better than conaan.
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100 Night Elf Priest
Leveled my first char an Undead rogue as Subt. Didn't use any poisons till I was 56 or 57 when one of my friends on another server told me what a noob I was and fixed my spec, made me combat and told me to get my ass to Org to get poisons before he beat me. Oh yeah...good times. Oh and I was a skinner so i vendored everything I skinned and all the cloth I picked up, used a mix of cloth and leather gear where I saw the most "plus green numbers" such as +300 Armor and +15 Intellect.
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19 Dwarf Hunter
Back when i was bad I was a hunter named Bobwick on Cenarion Circle, I used my strength 2 handed axe to smite my foes in the mines of coldridge vally, I SMOTE AND I SMOTE for those sweet copper nodes to save up for that white vendor rifle so i could pwn like i never pwned before, dreams of SWG danced in my head as i knew i was no longer that jedi who owned the small town east of tatooine or the R/E ranger in GW. I knew now that the dark and scary gift my bro for life and LAN party wife tooply brought when we had finished playing natural selection was now my new calling. Back when I was bad I only knew top ranks of north america in C&C tiberian sun or the CAL-A pew with my buddies in CoD1. What I am today is nothing of the gamer I was, I am cultured now I am no longer the bad.

-Mr. Stormraught
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85 Orc Hunter
About a month ago I was in a ZG on last boss and my bow broke, I had a gray level 74 bow in my bag so I equipped it mid fight and told myslef I will fix mine after. Well logged out and forgot, prolly raided two days and kept asking myself man why is my dps sucking so bad. Then some level 13 Hunter from some anonymous guild asked me if he could see my bow I said its called /inspect he said but you have a gray equipped and I want to see the one you raid with I was like FML.
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85 Goblin Rogue
back in the day when i started playing;
i had no clue what an instance or dungeon was till i ran scarlet monastery
and didn't equip any green lvl or higher gear until around lvl 45, because i had no idea what was going on, i thought vendor gray items were good enough.
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85 Goblin Rogue
I was never bad. My play has always been perfect.

Vanishing Fel Rage on Bloodboil totally wasn't my fault.
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85 Night Elf Druid
heres a few more :)

I would save up money by farming mobs to buy a grey vendor item sword from a vendor in menithal harbour, because it had better "dps" than my current one.

Also equipped a mail BOE epic mob drop (dropped from a mob in feralas), a shaman epic, because it was the first epic I had ever seen.

Didn't mind having int on my gear, because the tooltip for intelligence did say that it would help you skill up quicker.
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90 Night Elf Warrior
07/05/2011 07:45 PMPosted by Engorgio
Didn't mind having int on my gear, because the tooltip for intelligence did say that it would help you skill up quicker.

Back in BC, I had an int set for leveling weapon skill off those invincible mobs in Blasted Lands. Good times afking while beating on 'em.

Edit: whil != while
Edited by Kayling on 7/5/2011 10:51 PM PDT
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90 Night Elf Warrior
I never knew warriors had a quicker taunt button than mocking blow. A friend of mine, told me in Zul' Farak that other warriors could taunt more often than every two minutes. I am guessing that would be at lvl 45-48.

I never knew I could equip the armor that dropped, so I was still using my lvl 1 gear until level 13-15.

I tanked some of MC as an arms , until the Raid leader said "Stew. which one of the tanks is using mortal strike and is specced wrong?" I told him "to save the persons embarassment, I will make sure they are specced correct before the next raid".

I never found the AH until I was a high level.

I never heard off +Def until after dying in MC a number of times.

I misplaced the unforged Quel Serrar in front of Onyxia, and Damiean had to move her so that she would breath on it.

I am still pretty bad. I don't like to read patch notes, I don't like to look up the perfect spec, rotation etc.

Recently, I didn't notice I had no interupt; as Blizzard had robbed me of shield bash.

It took me a month to go learn rallying cry or whatever that new warrior thingy is called.
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85 Worgen Warrior
07/08/2011 07:55 AMPosted by Akumastew
Recently, I didn't notice I had no interupt; as Blizzard had robbed me of shield bash.

You got pummel baddie :)
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07/04/2011 06:22 AMPosted by Bbrrains
I (sadly) thought that the debuff from PW:S meant I wasn't suppose to cast it on myself while I was leveling back in vanilla. I capped defense quickly at least. I vendored every piece of cloth until I figured out that there was an AH and that tailors would pay through the nose for it. I was around level 56 when scholo was restricted to 5 mans, the day before the patch someone pulled me into a 10 man run, I died every pull in that place.

But Bbrrains, you are the best healer on Shadowsong (or so I've heard), how could you have been such a baddy? You did forget about the time in Dead Strat when you took on the role of Z/Aq because you knew every single pull for the timed run (that only you could heal because again, you are the best healer on Shadowsong). After our 4th wipe, I think you finally realized that you had no idea what you were talking about so you entered into saving face mode and decided to blame others instead.

As far as bad moments for me, the most recent was an errant heroic leap at a fire elemental at the end of the stairway in the Bastion. The fire elemental exploded and I was knocked right into a 5-pack of Dragonkin and Ogres. Great fun for me, not so much for our healers who did an excellent job of keeping me and everyone else alive.
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100 Human Warrior
I still am bad, but "It got bettah."

As a rogue I stealth-walked miles around mobs because I didn't understand aggro distance.
Thought I could train the entire World by running past mobs on my horse, rather than resetting them by going far enough and turning around.

Thought catching 'old iron jaw' was easy, instead of my first toon being very lucky (17 casts.)

Attacked a level 80 on my level 19 rogue and was surprised how fast I died.

Didn't know how to 'trade' and the porting mage said "don't worry about a tip" so I had to mail it to him when I got there.

Thought I was being tricked when I was asked to 'click it' by a summoning warlock, and was hesitant.

I'd have to look the rest up on Zork's early diary.

Recently, in ZG or ZA after wiping twice a healer was kind enough to mention that I'd be "less squishy" with a sword and shield instead of my fishing pole and hat. Swapped in a fury of button mashing. <shrug> :oD

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