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08/30/2011 01:17 PMPosted by Badshah
We'll just have to agree to disagree on Bb, Rollo. I guess I take this a little more personal because when Bb was made officer (or whatever the equivalent rank in Coven is) I saw my time with Coven coming to a close. In my dealings with Bb, he always came across as overtly rude with a massive ego. His voice on vent was enough to make me want to ram pencils in my ears just so that I didn't have to listen to his nasal voice (which also included a lot of whining).

It's all good Shah. (This is Sempra by the way, not Rollo, but I can see the name syntax throwing you off) Everything I quoted is 100% correct, but I guess he just doesn't bug me that much. It could be because he reminds me of my boss, that I have a soft spot for him. I wish SLD much success and hope to see you kicking around Shadowsong!
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keeping this going, also some more for Agbullet :-)

2nd Character was a Hunter, tried out multiple toons for awhile and got to about level 30 or so.

-Putting things on AH for really cheap,
-Buying the MOST expensive priced mat on the AH, Quality over quanity right?
-Always tried to train more professions.
-If my armor was broken I'd replace it with a nonbroken peice and forget to swap back
-Never used my bow until level 20 x.x
-Didn't train until level 22, but Did have my pet so my pet tanked while I melee'd.
-Got skinning and forgot to get the skinning knife and wondered for 2 hours why I couldn't skin anything.
-Used to try to solo VC for hours, always got bored and gave up.
-Dueled higher levels to see how hard they could hit.
-Didn't know what a bank was

im sure i can think of more
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You tried using RF because it was a new button, but then never used it again because "It didn't do anything".

Also, if you picked Retribution but still carried a shield and a sword because knights have shields and swords and you figured you were a knight.

Or if you picked any item that increased your health because more health means you were stronger and could live longer.
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