Spriest LF "Serious" late-night raid guild.

85 Blood Elf Priest
hello everyone,

while the title is right on the money please allow me to talk a little about what im looking for in a guild, and a little about myself. So hey, my names chris but you can me healthcare, im 20 years old, and have played wow since Vanilla. Through the many xpacs I didnt start taking raiding seriously until the tail end of LK and on into cataclysm. When cata hit, I took my hunter, on this realm at the time, and was one of the first to hit 85 (no world first achieve :( skunkworks had me beat by about 12 hours.) and geared out in all 346's in record time. Sadly, this server sucks when it comes to raid progression. I posted on the guild recruitment forums with some WoL parses and got picked up by a 25 man raid guild on Frostwolf and got hooked on raiding. We raided Monday thru Thursday 9:30PM-1:30am.In the first couple months of the expansion I was already sporting my "Defender on the shattered world" title along with a rather impressive at the time ilvl of 363 (no pvp gear). The guild had Heroic mode Halfus, (before and after the changes), Maloriak,Chimaeron, and Magmaw on all farm mode and of course had all the reg versions of the new cata content on farm as well. Sadly, the guild leader and officer who had some kind of E-relationship going on let a heroic tier piece go to said officer over members who had higher epgp standings. Guild drama ensued and after losing about 8 out of our 25 man core, many of which were close were friends which made me lost a lot of interest in the game. I also landed a new job in security and put wow on the back burner for a little while.

Recently my brother started playing (Darknnight) and he got me hooked back on wow again and so I retired the hunter and leveled a new priest on this server. I hit 85 about 2 weeks ago and have put in a lot of the new JP gear along with a few pugs raids but have been unable to find a raid guild that can match my availability. So, I thought id try the Wow forums in search of a guild that will allow me to get the serious raiding I want, in the spec i want, along with the ability to be on the same server as my brother. So now that you know a little about me I will tell you what i want, and what i have to offer.

What im looking for:
Progression focused 10 or 25 man raid guild.
a spot in said raid.
Late night raiding. I get off work on some nights as late as 1115 PM eastern which puts me online around 11:35.
Shadow spec main but will occasionally heal fights if needed.

What I have to offer
extensive knowledge of pre-firelands raid content, normal and heroic modes.
100% availability, no exceptions.
thorough understanding of the class and how to play my role my best.
I dont stand in the fire!

Now is the part where it all comes crashing down. For what im looking for, my gear does not catch the attention of many guild masters/recruiters. I am currently working on maxxing Alch/Tailoring and cap out every week on valor points. Sadly, with balnazzar being a pretty terrible server in the progression catagory, its hard to find any half decent pugs in which to do the watered down versions of BWD,To4W,and BoT. But again, the gear comes easy for a raider who shows up every time, and doesnt stand in the fire.

any questions,comments,concerns please message me in game or on here. I have vent.
(feel free to ask for WoL parses on my hunter but I sadly have none to provide on my new priest)

thanks for your time!
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90 Gnome Death Knight
we been raiding since BC, this expantion we are looking forword to infiltrate fireland,
we need 2 DPS (1 plate class and moonkin,warlock,Spriest,MMhunter) and 1 tank for evening core group (4:30 pm pacific, 6:30pm central, 7:30pm eastern)
we need 2 DPS (2 melee and 1 mage,spriest,warlock,ele shaman), 1 tank and 2 tank healers for midnight core group (10:30pm pacific, 12:30am central,

1:30am eastern)
we raid 3 days a week 2 hours a day, we are very relaxed, friendly, helpful and fun bunch at the same we also like to progress further in raids and know

how to be competative, if this is something what you are looking for hop on us-balnazaar and try to contact us thank you
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tldr, igwlm.guildlaunch.com < go there, apply.
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