<Anonymous> is a Horde side casual 10-man raiding guild. We currently raid 8-11 EST Wednesday and Sunday.

We're looking for dedicated players of all classes and roles whose gear is raid ready (346 iLevel) or close to it.

What we offer:

    A fun, laid back atmosphere where guildies play together outside of raids (dungeon spamming, alts, and occasional pvp)

    An opportunity to be a valued member of a team. You won't get pushed to the sidelines or ignored here.

    A environment where guildies respect one another. While we're completely fine with cursing and obscenity (there's plenty) , we don't tolerate bigoted or discriminatory speech.

    Mind blowing badassery

If you're looking for a place where you can feel like a valued member of a close group, we could be a great fit.

We'd love to talk with you in game or over vent. Feel free to respond to this post, or pst in game to Faliryn, Neztrazul, Akrra, or Akrawr. <ul/>
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