Where are the RAID PUG's?

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All sorts of it on fenris, even into the firelands {though not so sucessful that yet}
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Make your own raid.

edit: Any possible reason you could think of to not just form your own PUG raid is exactly why you don't see other people making them either.
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First, it's only been two days. Let people gear up into their JP T11 and gain a little confidence.

Second, The shared lockout between 10 and 25 man raids made guilds not do Alt runs anymore... because they can't. if this were removed, I'm fairly certain PuGs would increase drastically.

Third, because of that^, try being the one to start it. I'm sure there are people that are either guildless or in a guild that doesn't raid that would be happy to join you.
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The shared lockouts are certainly playing a huge part into pugging problem.

Too bad blizzard is too arrogant to change it. This year's blizzcon should be interesting to watch.
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I frequently see PUG BoT, BWD and essentially anything else alliance side on Dark Iron. It's quite evident that some realms have a coherent enough player base that PUGs are viable, and others they clearly are not.
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Make your own raid.

edit: Any possible reason you could think of to not just form your own PUG raid is exactly why you don't see other people making them either.

Yeah... Except I've tried. At least on Archimonde it's pretty much impossible to put together a PuG unless it's mostly made up of a guild that's just looking for a few extra people. No one is interested in running PuG's anymore. I'm sure it's because of the shared lockouts like someone mentioned earlier.
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Oh and even with the nerfs, raids are still fairly challenging in ilvl 346 gear. So that might be another reason too. People waiting to get ilvl 353 or higher to step into the instance with some confidence.
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06/30/2011 09:34 AMPosted by Ëve
I'm sure it's because of the shared lockouts like someone mentioned earlier.

Doubt it. Most raiding guilds nowadays are 10m guilds, and most pug raids are also 10m, so its not like people would be able to run the same raid twice with separate lockouts even if they wanted to cause most people would be doing 10m regardless. I guess some 25m raiders would be free'd up to pug, but I highly doubt it would change anything. People in 25m guilds would probably be able to get enough guildies together to avoid pugs altogether even if they did want to run a 10m.
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06/30/2011 06:59 AMPosted by Windhoof
Can't find one? Make one.


Don't come here to complain about the lack of Pugs when all you do is sit in SW and wait for someone to take the initiative.

I didn't see the OP complaining. He merely asked a question. Perhaps you should read more than just the thread title?
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I believe the shared lockout rule is the main culprit.

When you make a rule with good intentions, and then learn it is not working as intended, smart people adapt and change the rule.

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I think we would be seeing tons of pugging if they hadn't removed the valor points from the "old" raid bosses.
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06/30/2011 10:30 AMPosted by Milsa
I think the only thing that will save pug raids is if the LFR tool Q'd you up just like the LFD. As it is right now it's absolutely useless.

It's a cool idea, but I bet it would cause more complaints than it would allay. The vast majority of groups would fall apart before killing a boss, or even worse fall apart after killing the easy first boss, thus saving everyone to the raid. Raiding requires a level of coordination and cooperation that makes it difficult to just throw 10 or 25 random people into a group and hope to succeed.
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I have raid pugs in trade every night it least 8-10 of them idk if it's just your server or something but they've been around for my server.
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I see many PuGs and even many more PuGs for the t11 raids and a few T12 PuGs.
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I'm actually kind of surprised. After the tier 11 stuff getting nerfed into oblivion I thought for sure I'd see trade chat just spammed with people looking for pugs...

Haven't seen one yet.

600,000 of them (probably more than this by now) were reported to have left the game recently.
85 Worgen Druid
I would guess you are on a bad server. EVERY night on AM there are more pugs than you can shake a stick at. Most people run their alts in pug raids.
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Umm, dunno if you noticed, but they only just activated the "nerf-raids-for-puggies" feature for the opening raids.

Pugs never do anything hard, they fall apart due to lack of coordination when things are hard. The reality is that there was nothing at 85 which wasn't hard (for joe-schmo puggie) until...Tuesday.

So what you're really saying is, why haven't I seen pugs forming in the last...48hrs?
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