i365 Vicious vs i371 Vicious - Comparison


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Odds are they won't be watching this thread much any more. Compensation arguments are better placed into the Sticky post created by Bashiok:

EDIT: I guess I won't be getting my Mechano-hog

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4k is simply not enough, just put out the exchange.
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I still don't get why we have to grind honor in between every season. I think it was Zarhym who specifically said we wouldn't have to do that anymore? Its pretty lame that the old season's Conquest gear doesn't just become the new season's Honor gear.

I don't see PvE players having to farm entirely new sets of gear in between tiers.
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All PvP items should be iLvL 1 and cost 40000 honor each and requires you to know your class. k thx bye.
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Working as intended.
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Thanks for explanation Zarhym, but it sure takes the wind out of one's sales after focusing effort to upgrade two complete gear sets (for resto and feral) and spending gold on gems only to discover (didn't even notice until today) that I now need to rinse and repeat.

very sad kitty :(
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Sticky post created by Bashiok:

Final comment from me in this thread:

Am I surprised by what was put into the sticky? Not really. I had a pretty good feeling there wouldn't be a gear related option but just didn't want to say it out loud.

First, I'm glad they actually responded and put up a sticky for people to discuss this further. Is the compensation fair or what people wanted... well that's something to argue in there because I honestly don't care anymore.

Personally, I geared up two characters in the week transition period. Total honor... approximately 30,000 which went towards most of the gear on this character and a 5pc main set on my Mage. It is still better gear than I had before and the difference between this set and the i371 isn't that huge a jump. I'm ok with that and will just move on.

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Anything less than converting 365s into the 371s is patently insufficient.
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07/08/2011 07:38 PMPosted by Leafgobbler
You'd have to be a pretty huge idiot to just sit down and re-farm your PvP gear a second time in a row, minus two items. And then gem / enchant it again

More of an idiot if you where to just wait and expect any compensation that exceeds 4k honor xD
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07/08/2011 07:38 PMPosted by Leafgobbler
You'd have to be a pretty huge idiot to just sit down and re-farm your PvP gear a second time in a row, minus two items. And then gem / enchant it again

Some will do that because they feel they have to. I'm not going to sit and farm i371 because I don't see any point in doing so. Any gear changes from here on will be just because I have honor to spend from my usual gameplay.
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Well...hopefully you guys get some fast honor from just doing your normal BGing for fun and not solely for honor grinding :(

I'm just saying players shouldn't get their hopes up over this. Despite it being a drastic situation in change, Blizz seemed not notice that, there have been other drastic changes like this, and these insanely large threads come up about them. Even then, with how the player base that was being effected felt about the situation, nothing was done about it. CtA was the first thing that came to mind personally, and this reminded me of it. (although it's not as bad because no one is losing out).

In this situation however, players lost time and in-game money. And in this situation, nothing is being done about it. 4k honor is not considered compensation whatsoever.
So do you appease the top 5% of the PAYING CUSTOMER BASE? Or do you appease the other 95%? Smart business would say that the OP's business model is flawed.
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