Bronzeshadow, finally getting mushy

85 Blood Elf Paladin
To get the big part over with, yes I'm leaving probably for good this time. I won't reintroduce myself, you all know me already(unless you're not COOL enough). A lot of people say they had a good run. Personally? I had a fan@!!#ingtastic balls exploding in a mushroom cloud awesome @!!#ing run. First, I'd like to thank me for being me. None of this would have been possible if I wasn't me. Second, I want to thank all of you. Everyone who I ever smashed in the face, or smashed me in the face, you made my experience here on Lothar just a little bit better. I saw a lot of cool stuff thanks to you guys. I watched Warlords and Marshals rise, and I even became one. I've seen hundred man city raids and small man pvp groups do things that I doubt will ever happen again. I've met and fought talented young pvpers, then watched them become gladiators, then watched some of them go to the MLG, only to lose in the first round(way to go !*!%#%@s! Can't believe you made me take a train to watch you guys get spanked!). I've had friends and rivals that challenged me like I've never been challenged before, and maybe ever again, and I loved every moment of it.

I've been at this since I was 15, I'm 22 now and I've got a career. I can't stay in this wonderland forever, but rest assured I'll always be Bronze @!!#ing Shadow in some shape and form. I'll be around for another three weeks, but after that it's Bronze out for the last time.
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100 Undead Rogue

Well, I figured this would happen eventually after your career and gf and such. Luck to yas, and I'll always remember my first stop at STV arena when I was leveling way back in the day and saw you there and thought 'WOW THAT GUY'S SO GOOD!'. Bronzey, paladin IRL.
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100 Tauren Death Knight
I'll mail you a cookie.
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90 Goblin Mage
finally getting mushy? pfft youve always been a softy.

as they say in starcraft, gl hf.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
oh yeah, before I forget
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100 Human Paladin
first you go BE and now you leave? thats hurtful bronze
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90 Undead Rogue
tl;dr sorryz
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85 Dwarf Death Knight

Bc life
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So yea umm getting %!##d in the face by ret pallys isnt possible without bronzeshadow now :/ (this is hohos btw to anyone who knew my baddieness) well gl to you bronze althought your alredy gone.
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100 Human Warrior
First you become a Bloodelf, then you quit?

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