Rhyme & Reason is recruiting, you'll love us!

100 Human Priest
So we're recruiting players who want to buckle down and actually do things with us!

A bit of history about our guild, we were formed in WotLK from players like myself (I've been playing since classic) and BC'ers who transfered to this realm. We try to do things on a regular schedules (old school raids, heroics, raids, etc). Real life happens though ...

We raided in WotLK and formed up, took people who couldn't complete ToC, and we were 11/12 ICC and 4/5 HToC in a small amount of time. After a bit however, we lost about 6 people due to unrelated reasons (RL, schedule changes, quit the game, etc).

A bit more about us ...

We had another round quit in Cata too ... but we're trying to build up our ranks once again. We're a level 11 guild looking for people, we don't care what level you are - if we do something you can come along with - you're more than welcome to come. If you're not that great of a player, we'll give you some tips to help you out & point you in the right direction. Once we get enough players we're going to start raiding again. Our thought in raiding is that the best player goes (discounting gear - if you're bad you're not going not matter if you're decked in epics). If you make mistakes, you will be told and expected to correct them. If you have input on how to do things better, say so!

I have been told I am a very patient raid leader, wiping 8 times is not going to make me go all rage like as long as we're learning or we wiped in some way that's super funny =P I am an achievement hunter and pet & mount collector, so I'll def. go along with anything those things ;) Regardless I we do expect you to preform well - especially in raids. We have vent and all that jazz... our website is a bit out of date as the officer in charge of that just got married and has been busy with real life things, our website is. rhyme.guildportal.com

Currently we have about 5-6 active members who are on a regular basis. We want to stay a small guild of close friends in it for the long term. We're not looking to become a 400+ member guild nor are we really interesting in joining one. I want us to have around 14ish active max level players interesting in raiding. We don't care if you bring alts or anything, just as long as you (the person) is active within the guild. We're friends on facebook and when we're not doing instances/raids we're communicating outside of the game via facebook, texts, etc. We don't expect you to be that into it at first, but maybe after a you get to know us of course *laughs* We're all in our 20's or older pretty much ... we don't curse like sailors but don't expect us to be squeaky clean either!

If you want to know more about us ... just post here or contact me ingame. You can /who the guild and contact anyone to see if I'm online on one of my many alts.
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91 Dwarf Warrior
Bump for good peeps ^
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91 Draenei Shaman
Bump... We are still recruiting and would love to welcome anyone to our guild.
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