Guild recruitment ideas?

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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this thread.

Basically I'm trying to think of some ideas to get people to join my lvl 1 raiding guild. The reason I started it is because there are only about 3-5 hardcore raiding guilds on my server that actually have some good progression going. I'll be honest I wouldn't mind being able to raid every night or so and starting my own guild is something I've always wanted to do. There are a lot of players on my server that I think would join it's just I have to convince them that they want to join. Here is an add that I run in trade chat...

<Living Legends> is recruiting for several raid spots. LF healers and a tank but also some DPS. A raid spot is guaranteed or I'll pay you 100g. Highly knowledgeable leaders are here to help you out with any questions you might have with room for advancement for you! PST for more info.

Now obviously the whole guaranteed thing is just a gimmick to get people to join. They would be given a spot unless I accidentally recruit the wrong class, spec, etc. They will have a spot as I am the only person in the guild atm. Any other ideas that might help the roster?

I am full aware that building a guild (especially a raiding guild) takes time and dedication, which I am up for. I don't mind babysitting people if it meant that my guild would one day be in the top 10 raiding guilds on my server. I've learned alot about how to play this game from other people and I am willing to pass it on in hopes of achieving something great. Just have to get past the initial problem of getting people to join. So any ideas?

Thanks again!
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Being honest for a minute here, I see the ad and the first thing I think is "desperation". I can also immediately see that you don't have enough people to raid and that it will be a long time before I can raid under your guild. I think you need to broaden your horizons a little. Yes, you want a raiding guild, but start out as a more casual guild and build up to the raiding.

Want a place to hang your hat without all of the drama? Looking for a quiet place to call home? It's time to become a <Living Legend>. We are recruiting matures players who want to learn to raid or who just want some time to quest in peace.

You also might think about focusing more on the lower level areas to recruit. Go to the starting areas and give out bags, then let them know that you are looking for new members. When you have members, at the start give them recruiting access (make sure the guild bank is secure). Maybe offer bonuses to those who bring in new members that stay for at least 2 weeks.

Good luck with your new guild and enjoy :)
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<Living Legends> is recruiting for several raid spots. LF healers and a tank but also some DPS. A raid spot is guaranteed or I'll pay you 100g. Highly knowledgeable leaders are here to help you out with any questions you might have with room for advancement for you! PST for more info.

I would, based on what you're trying to do, reword as such

<Living Legends> looking for hardcore raiders only. Dedicated 5-7 nights a week progression team now forming. Looking for top players who want to game with other top players. Theorycrafting a must. PST for interview.
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Also, back in BC, I found the best way to find top talent and show them I was a good raid leader was to run a Friday night Gruul Pug. Here's why.

1. If they are raiding on a Friday night, they're frigging hardcore lol

2. If they are pugging then they aren't being satisfied by their guild.

3. Inevitability I would get tells saying how smooth the run was and that people wanted to raid with my guild but I would also actively seek out the top heals/dps and see if they wanted a spot.

(side note) -- you better have game if you're recruiting hardcore players btw. They can sniff out a fake a mile away and will leave for greener pastures.
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If that is your main toon, I can tell you right now that you will not be able to attract top talent for hard core raiding. So, my suggestion would be to start picking up some casual raiders and people who are just learning to raid through well run pugs.

If you're starting a hard core progression guild you either need a few friends who are like-minded to get you off the ground or you yourself need to be highly progressed. Since you apparently have neither, it's probably not the best idea to start off saying that you ARE a hard core progression guild. You might instead want to say that you are building to become a hard core guild.

Also, you're really offering people 100g if they don't get a raid spot? No wonder people aren't taking you seriously. First off, people who join raid guilds want to raid, not make gold. Secondly, 100g is a laughable amount. You can make that from selling one stack of crafting materials that take 10 mins to farm. And, like someone else mentioned, it makes you sound desperate.
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How often does your guild raid, that is what nights and for how long? If it doesn't, then it's not a raiding guild at all, it's a wannabe raiding guild. People who want to raid generally aren't going to bother joining a guild that might possibly raid one day, they'll join an actual raiding guild. You need to start running raids if you want to attract raiders, get some friends in and PUG the rest.

Also, your pitch comes off as really desperate and gives the impression that your guild is just going to try to sc!*%! the bottom of the barrel for whoever will join, it's not attractive at all. You want to offer people something of real value, even if you just offered it straight up 100g is not enough money to entice someone to put in one raid night, much less join up.
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Of course it wouldn't be hardcore right off that bat. That is just the goal. Yes I like the idea of starting out casual because that is where the members come in. The offer to join was just an idea not really a set plan. Just trying to find ways that make the guild seem to be a place where people want to be. I figure I would need at least 30 people in the guild before I could even think about being "hardcore." Thanks for the advice, I will defiantly be using it.
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Well here is an interesting fact: I recently started my own hardcore raid guild. It is currently level 1 as it was just formed last week. I put up my first recruitment add on the realm forums last week, and even preceeded this with a 'heads up' post about our forthcoming transfer beforehand.

Currently I've received some interested parties asking questions, and we currently, as of wednesday have an official person on trial after our very first open PUG raid. I surmise over the next 3-7 weeks word will increasingly spread as will the reptuation of our guild raids expands on the new server from our propensity to conduct regular and effective raids, and as a result, more interested parties. Players from end game top raid guilds will sooner or later find themselves attending, as will lower progression ones, but they will most likely have a positive experience that is then conveyed to others they know - sooner or later - and so the first ball of the advertising avalanche via personal networking begins.

In our recruitment we openly state that we do not require guildship to raid with us as starters. Instead we state we desire performance and dedication to the raid, but individuals can stay in their current guilds to preserve their perks and guild reputaiton status. I say this because it is true, and because I know from experience, the desire to officially join my units usually becomes undeniable to the individual. Apparently our atmosphere and friendships forged in text-only mediums, become substantially more enjoyable and meaningful than those they have elsewhere.

It's a helluva thing lemme tell ya when your entire core ups and walks away from their 'vent friends' to transfer with their vent-less raid leader to continue their vent-less game experience.

Here's the kicker. We don't have a 'trial' rank in the guild. Our trial period is 2-3 weeks, depending on the applicant, and during that time we do not guild them (on any toon) to mooch free guild-exp to help us level the guild. We show our applicants that we are as dedicated to treating them respectfully as we want them to be to us, and that quality guild members are substantially more important than helping acquire guild levels and perks.

As a result, we are selling something beyond other raid guilds. We are 'selling' integrity, respect, and a stable and honorable environment drama-free and pleasurable. We are methodically preparing for longterm success over short term gain. In other words, we are selling a worthwhile future to individuals.

That's how I get em. And that's how I keep em.
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Thats a great add. I've been doing something similar as with the pugging. I pug often (even when I was in a guild) so offering a chance for people to raid without them needing to leave their guilds. After a while of seeing myself in trade pugging they will start to join my groups more and more. As far as I figure if you want to start a raiding guild of any caliber then create pug groups and people will start to see what is being offered them before they even join.
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