[H] FL progression group, guild independent

85 Undead Warrior
Over the next week or two, I would like to bring together a group of good, mature players who can commit 1 or 2 nights (3-4 hours per night) per week to serious 10m Firelands raiding.

This won't be a guild, but the runs will be better organized than most guild runs, and players will be expected to show up to every raid, except in cases of RL>WoW, of course. If a player can't maintain good attendance, we'll have to find someone else to fill the spot.

Everyone will be expected to have at least 359 gear fully and properly itemized/gemmed/enchanted to begin with, and each person will be expected to strive to improve both gear and skill outside of the raids. Group composition will be selected to minimize gear competition while maximizing our chances of success, and everyone will be expected to bring all flasks, potions, and food relevant to their role.

We will be using Vent, and loot will be distributed as it makes sense, with rolls being used when there is legitimate competition. Bad players and players with bad attitudes will be permanently banned from the group after being warned.

Is this relevant to anyone's interests? I'm still gearing up myself, but I'd like to start something within the next week or two.
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90 Undead Priest
This sounds really interesting, Sangrus.

I'm only at 353 iLevel, but I've got two raids scheduled next week to help get better gear and I will be working at gearing throughout the week.

I expect that I can be 359 or better by the July 19th scheduled maintenance.

I don't have a ton of raid experience, and I've only downed two T11 bosses. But I've healed in two successful 10-man FL Trash Runs, and am 1/3 of the way to Honored with Avengers of Hyjal.

I am a die-hard Disc Priest and I know my spec inside and out. My preferred healing assignment is as a hybrid of Tank and Raid Support, 60 tank/40 raid. It works really well with a Holy Pally main tank healer and any of the other healing classes or specs focusing on the raid.

I am pretty good with Dispels and raid CD usage (PW:B, Pain Suppression, Divine Hymn, and Hymn of Hope).

I use Vent. I honestly care about doing a good job, being a good healer, and being a solid team player.

I can direct the raiders in my guild to your post and see if they are as interested as I am.

I am already committed to 2 10-man raids a week with my guild (Tuesday and Thursday), so I would be able to commit to one FL raid a week. I am limited to three raids a week due to RL constraints.
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85 Tauren Paladin
Interesting idea, I may be game depending on times. Can't raid with my guild right now because of scheduling, so I'm looking to get back in the game however I can.
i353 right now since I've been away from WoW for several months, but I'm hoping to hit some t11 on off-nights with guildies and replace the last few blues (ugh). Probably need to re-glyph/spec/gem whatever to catch up with 4.2, but I should be raid-ready very soon.
Let me know if this pans out, would be interesting to see how it all comes together.
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90 Goblin Shaman
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