New to WoW, but have had 4 or 5 years of MMO experience.

I am currently in a friends guild, which is pretty much inactive, and would really like to experience dungeons and such.

I am a day player, usually 8 AM to 4 PM central. I can play some nights, but need advanced notice.

I work well with others. I am always on Vent, but don't talk a lot. I always check out the guilds website, and contribute intelligently. I am quiet, and will do what is needed at the time. I have no issues, am not a drama queen, and I am not looking for a leadership position. I like being a grunt.

I am in my 30's, and want maturity. I am not saying no jokes, or other humor, I am referring to the 14 year old's who sit on Vent and make fart noises and then expect praise for it is not my thing.

I am looking for an active day guild, that will help me with builds and rotations. The guild needs Vent, and I prefer a website, too. Activity is important.

I would like an experienced guild that is willing to coach me into what they need. I like raiding, and I love PVP, and will be more than happy to do my part, and change what needs changed.

Currently I have a lvl 63 Unholy Death Knight, and a lvl 62 Feral Druid. I am finishing the DK first though, I think.

Thanks, and hope to find a good guild.