Dark Riding Talbuk/War Talbuk Request!

90 Goblin Hunter
Hello all, (Level 85 Alliance more specifically <3)

I am working towards my 100 mounts achievement with my Goblin hunter, and I just remembered two mounts that are a tad tricky to obtain without some assistance from an Alliance character.

My proposal is that a level 85 Alliance throws on some PvP gear meets me out at Halaa in Nagrand, and then we trade blows back and forth; (I lose, you lose, I lose, you lose and so on) as long as we are both patient and willing, and do each other a solid in earning these Halaa Battle Tokens.

The Dark Riding Talbuk is 70 battle tokens and 15 research tokens (meaning 70 defeats/wins each) -140 total

The Dark War Talbuk is 100 battle tokens and 20 research tokens (meaning 100 defeats/wins each) -200 total

I have wanted these mounts for awhile now and I bet there are some Alliance out there that want them too. I am all about making this happen soon if I have any takers. If by any chance you are of the Horde and want one or both of these mounts for your Alliance alt or something to that nature, whisper me with your Hordie char ;D!

It sounds a little time consuming but totally worth the effort IMHO! Hope to hear from ya'll! My fiance wants these mounts too.. lol, bring a buddy!



P.S. I was told that taking off your gear will make it go by faster. WE COULD HAVE A HALAA UNDERWEAR PvP BATTLE!
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90 Draenei Shaman
It would be nice to get a real raid like the old days.

/wistful sigh
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100 Worgen Rogue
im totally down to do this. i really want those talbuks too. just lemme know when is best for you and we can work it out.
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85 Dwarf Hunter
What server are you on?
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