Hakkar's Most Wanted List/ Aka World Pvp

Was just throwing this out there to see how many people, horde or alliance were interested in a Hakkar's Most Wanted List. It might bring back more interest in World Pvp. If not, at least the thought was thrown out there and still unsure if it is even possible.

Anyway, each week there would be 5 alliance and 5 horde nominated to be on the Most Wanted List. The goal would be not to be killed by the opposing faction, however there would need to be rules applied to it, ie, not sitting in Org or SW the entire week etc. Whomever killed one on the Most Wanted list, would have to post a screen shot with said kill, which couldn't be in bgs. Once the screen shot was posted, the one who killed one of the Most Wanted, would be put in as Hakkars top 10 pvpers of all time, or something like that. More tweaking would need to happen, plus others opinions and suggestions would have to come into play, but would anyone be interested in that?

Also, if you choose to troll in this thread, then by all means, I get to troll back. So be warned =P
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Krellyk or Krelyk
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I remember this.

These forums tried to do something like this back in Burning Crusade. Worked well for a little while too.
i like it.
another idea might be adding some sort of bounty:
imagine kyeno really wants me dead (i know it's a stretch)... he could offer up some gold to the first player posting a screenshot of my death.
think that way adds more incentive than being named a "top pvper"
Offering up gold would be a good idea as well! Like I said, things would need to be tweaked a little bit and put together with rules and stuff. It looks like there is interest, which is pretty awesome! More suggestions would be great so that it would all go smoothly.

This did happen a long time ago on the forums, and it was fun for awhile. However back in the day, people would be doing dailies on the Isle, so it would be easy to get em. Today, it'll be a bit more tricky, but still fun!!!

I'll keep taking suggestions for the week, and then maybe between all of us, we can come up with something that'll be fun, but also bring back world pvp.

Thanks all!
horde #1 krannd
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If its red its dead... let the games begin?
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Someone please kill Yajirobe, dwarf rogue
85 Tauren Warrior
its a bounty if you can kill me and forestgump you will get 50000k
80 Orc Shaman

its more fun when you post on mains.

you ever get arena grand master dag?
85 Human Hunter
i dunno why hes talking so much !@#$, i think/hope hes joking otherwise i must kill him real good
85 Tauren Warrior
your a loser who got ganked by my rogues in greens and to kyeno ur a fail troll
normally you have to kill the player for it to be a gank.
you just sapped me a bunch until you broke stealth and got destroyed
85 Human Hunter
yes i am obviously the troll here.
Some rogue keeps trying to gank me in the Molten Front. Do I get gold for repeatedly beating him down?
85 Blood Elf Rogue
faction doesnt make a difference to me.
Dagosto and his down syndrome cousins all need to die. multiple times.
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