Best warriors in malygos history

1 Tauren Warrior
Yesterday me and a friend we arguing about who are the top 5 warriors that walked on
this server and of course who else to help resolve this than the people from the server.
Pretty much take your pic of top 5 ally or horde. i will tally and update as it goes on.

1000 people asked of 1000


1. Mmasterchief ( alliance ) 265-----Winner!!!
2. Henners ( alliance ) 236
3. Aribenlord ( alliance ) 165
4. Galfrun ( alliance ) 128
5. Raktor ( alliance ) 105
Others (Mixed) 101

(Update 1) I been asking around the server and you also have to take in consideration that
this top 5 is very named in server you cant say well who is raktor or chief if u dont even know them this warriors have been here since day 1. they were tanking Molten Core in blues. yes sigemund is a good warrior and warnog has some talent but honestly if you never saw this guys play you cant judge. Its like saying who is Ali. This warriors were incredible with skills in a time with no addons with ,40 man raids, Stance dancing experts. Believe it or not many players know this fellow players and they have a name in this server. am going to keep on asking until i reach 1k players asked and i will upload results but as of right now the list hasnt changed much. Like many have told me its hard to compare a new warrior warnog with 100days on his belt or less compared to raktor or chief 500+ and they only had 1 player which they dedicated full time on. I will keep on asking will have an update soon.

(update 2 ) 755 people asked list has changed a bit am still gonna keep it to 5 only but some went up some went down. Not many people left that knew this warriors but the ones that do have alot of epic stories. I will conclude the research in 3 more days.

(update 3 ) After asking more than 1k people because some of them really didnt know crap.
they were just being trolls. Some people might agree and some might not. But the list does combine the best there is. And many people knew them also i did get to hear great stories of the trials and tribulations. some people just like them cause they listen and do what is needed. some others like them because they were responsible. and ofcourse many like them for the great deeds that separate them from the others the quick thinking fast reaction and theory crafting makes them the best. At the end of the research i went ahead and asked Mmasterchief how it feels being number 1. He went ahead and told me he learned from all the warriors many helpd him be better and eventually combining his techniques with the ones he learned. but the last comment he said is what we all hope to do(i think, dam trolls) ''that at the end of the day the only thing that matters is to have fun with the game''. He did tell me to thank all the people that voted for him. My question has been answered so my research is done it was a great experience. I never done so much research not even in school. but i bow to all the warriors in the malygos server and lets all remember our past,present,future warriors.
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85 Gnome Rogue
I disagree .. who the hell are those people?
Sigemund has to be up in the 1st ir second spot .. (Alliance - Guild - Fortis)
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90 Human Paladin
I agree with Howelli - Sig's got to be on the list.

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100 Blood Elf Paladin
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Fury warriors are gear driven prima-donas.
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Warnog has to be somewhere on this list
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85 Worgen Warrior
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3 Goblin Mage
You should make a DK list and see if you can even come up with 5 names from Malygos
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85 Night Elf Rogue
I can't name five, but I feel like Ashkore should be on that list.
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70 Dwarf Paladin
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100 Human Paladin
I have being playing wow for some time and i got to say Mmasterchief should be place in # 1 spot,, i have never seen some one so deddicated to wow as he is. He truely deserves to be place as number one.

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85 Human Death Knight
The best warrior I've ever seen is Elsanto.

The best Rogue I've ever seen is Leonaldo.

The best DK I've ever seen is... Meh, they're all average. Faceroll class.


In Malygos terms, that is.
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90 Undead Priest
Raktor and Galf would be on my list for sure. Some of the names I've only seen Fury so I can't comment on them.

But what about Rockbite? The dude tanked MC for us on the freeway while his wife was driving, is that not epic enough? =P

Also just to throw his name out there, Antess. Granted he was a douche at times but he really had a lot to do with getting end game players together to Raid which ended up forming Eminence =P (not that I think he derserves a spot, just a memory trip)
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85 Human Priest
1 - Ashkore
2 - Lowjax
3 - Sigemund

So my list has only 3, but those are the only exceptional warriors that I can think of.
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85 Worgen Death Knight


Fatbeard wins

1. Henners (Hayde)
2. Freedomx
3. Aribenlord
4. Cryptopsy
5. Brenory, the legend

And why is Lowjax on anyone's list, play with some better warriors people
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70 Draenei Paladin
Yeah Mmasterchief is a 'best' warrior in the 'history of Malygos' as much as Torgas in ETF could ever hold threat.


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This is all very exciting.
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85 Night Elf Priest
Lets do this for every class on Malygos!
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87 Tauren Druid
idk about alliance, but for horde it goes like this

All time best:
warrior - Ugg
rogue - Mido
hunter - Hiricine
warlock - Duckers
DK - Borrus
mage - Tweak (lol you remember?)
druid - Toucheturtle
priest - Depthcore
pally - one really comes too mind.
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