Best warriors in malygos history

90 Blood Elf Paladin
Ashkore ftw
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85 Worgen Death Knight
You're funny, you're all very funny.
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85 Draenei Priest
Definately need some Sigemund, Ashkore and Fruitvendor in there if you want any sort of credibility!
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100 Human Priest
Sigemund and Galfrun are the only two outstanding warriors I've had the pleasure to play with...oh wait, there's also Augidgette!
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85 Worgen Druid
Ugg, or was it Uhg?
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100 Human Priest
It was Ugg, I'll never forget that tauren high warlord charging me in WSG. Him and Bushwickbill (sp?) were great people to play against.
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100 Dwarf Priest
Yah the warrior list couldnt be complete without Sige and Ugg on there FX too probably. Soldeadguy/Ashkore are names I always heard passed around but not having played with them not sure I could put them up there.

Though if Ugg goes up there his two pocket healers should be in fine print next to it. I think he felt naked without them.
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85 Goblin Priest
USed to be on malygos back in the day, and at first seeing this post soldeadguy came to mind, he used to rip back in BC in <hell>
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85 Blood Elf Rogue
Definitely Sig and Ugg. I remember we ambushed Ugg near the zep one time and MCed him to see if we could send him into a portal to IF. It didn't work...but it would have been epic if it did.

I'll give an honorable mention to Starswrath though. Probably shouldn't be on the list of top 5, but I'll give them the honorable mention for best drama queen!
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85 Human Warrior
Mmasterchief lvled in Muscle Ally. this was in BC. so just having your facts wrong makes you wrong from the start.
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100 Dwarf Priest

Some others...
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85 Human Paladin
Sig, Pricee, Fruitvendor, ashkore in no particular order. Don't remember many hordies though X)
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90 Orc Warrior
Yah i remember those days charging in PVP With Ugg and all the pvpers! Was great classic fun miss those days.

I still have old screenshots from the classic pvp days :)
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90 Night Elf Druid
Sig and Warnog for sure. A name for me is Zurgon, course I'm biased since I'm in his guild.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
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85 Night Elf Warrior
Escabar is one of the top warriors on our server no doubt. Can't say he is the best but he really is good.
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11/06/2011 08:09 AMPosted by Christomb
Escabar is one of the top warriors on our server no doubt. Can't say he is the best but he really is good.

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70 Draenei Paladin
We resolved our differences a long time ago, so there is no animosity I have towards the man, but from my experience in raiding with him I just don't see Ashkore making this list. I didn't see him as particularly exceptional as a Warrior. I wish I had a better more indepth perspective, as I only raided with them for appox 4 weeks, but what I saw wasn't anything noteworthy in terms of Warrior-dom or even Tanking.

Now considering shortly after I stopped raiding with them, the guild tanked a few weeks later, this is probably because there was a lot of stress going on in the guild and as such, clearly a bad time to observe him and the guild. So please take that into consideration with my comments. I was probably not there for an ideal period of time, but then again aren't leaders measured by their ability to handle bad situations in bad times, and not simply measured on their good moments? I leave that to you the reader to decide.

What I did like about the guy is he had an aura and presence that made you want to raid for him. He was very charismatic, I felt, which inspired me to play harder. This is why I eventually pushed for Furore to be more hardcore, which ironically lead to my removal (I didn't present myself very well to be perfectly honest. I came off really badly and arrogant.) Unfortunately he had attrocious taste in officers and co-leadership which lead to the eventual degredation of his guild, resulting in his ninja-transfer while in the midst of now calling for the guild to be 'more hardcore'.

In all sincerity, I believe Ashkore could have been a much better leader and rose to greater things (and Furore with it) if he had two essential leadership characteristics. One, a better eye for observing and understanding behavior in others, and therefor who to promote and who NOT to promote. And Two, the ability to maintain order and discipline in those who follow him. These are things one can learn with more experience, as I can attest to myself, and perhaps he will, or has, after the passing years?

The story of Ashkore of Malygos, is one of tragedy.
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70 Draenei Paladin
11/02/2011 09:00 AMPosted by Esri

Now this is the name I was hoping to see someone else mention. In my opinion, Colton doesn't just make this list, he's at the top of it. Without exception and without dispute.

When I first ran into Colton it was back in Vanilla WoW and he was raiding in Fortis. He always handled himself in any group/raid I found him in with the utmost respect and dignity, which was amazing when you found out he was only 17 years old.

During the end of Vanilla, everyone knew Colton. He was THE premiere tank on Malygos hands down bar none. T3 geared with Thunderfury, he was the only person with TF (at content level and since) I have EVER run into that did not have his head up his !@#. Instead, he was the oppossite. He was forever humble and respectful. We didn't think he was great cuz he had a legendary, we thought he was great because he did and didn't act like he had one. He was the consummate helper to others, which was clearly shown when he helped Supremecy's progression through Molten Core (which at the time was no longer farmed by Fortis), by showing up to every raid for that guild each week in addition to his own raid schedule.

These are no small things. And when the portal to the Burning Crusade opened up, and we all piled through it, it was Colton standing there fighting the Pit Lord with about 50 people supporting him, and countless others cheering "Go Colton!" to kill that level 70 mob as a level 60. It was a moment that signified his greatness, because it caught everyone up in it. Here was our Champion, Malygos's Champion, standing up against incredible odds and everyone supporting him with either verbal support or spells/abilities.

That... is not something you see often, and that is not something I have seen SINCE.

Eventually he left Fortis to form is his own guild, Arete, which did very well during the Burning Crusade, and given who he was working with (people I had guilded and raided with myself), it IS remarkable what he (this kid) was able to accomplish. He had some real 'personalities' lemme tell ya, and some realy good people as well. So once again, not only a great warrior, but a great leader despite his younger years.

It was a sad day when Arete decided to cease raiding.

In this writer's opinion, Colton represents the Glory Days of the past, when we truly had real 'heroes'. And he is the shining example all others are to be compared against.

In essence, Colton became Legendary.
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85 Human Priest
Man, tough call... but I agree with Colton being near the top... Healing him back in the days of Molten Core and on have been a real pleasure... someone who really knows their class!

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