3v3 Arena Team

86 Worgen Hunter
I wanna try a hunter only 3v3 Arena team when i get this toon to 85 and deck out in pvp gear, is it a good idea?
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85 Undead Rogue
( I noticed this hasn't been answered in three days)
I honestly do not think so-
but lets way the plus and cons here.

three hunters bring this to the table:
steady dps, plus a bit of burst
buffs (depend on pets)
light healing (also on pets)
kiting class
Stun (pets again)
6 man Army (pets)
tank like health pools. (due to the op talent in survivabilty.)

Now lets look at some obvious downsides
Unable to peel effectively
No steady form of healing if things go south
very dependant on everyone working together as a group, and very heavy on building talents around each other.
Healing based teams and plate only teams are very popular (I see alot of 2 dks, one paladin teams out there. people will always play the op classes.) and this will make it harder for you to accumulate wins.

I'm not going into to huge detail on this and people are gonna think what they want but- with these things in mind this is what I see for your group:

against plate wearers with a healer: you will be cc'd and picked off while the healer runs around laughing.

against mixed groups with healer: you will be cc'd and nuked, while the healer runs around laughing.

against dps cloth team: you'll be nuked and cc'd most likely but do to huge health pools you might survive while dps them off.

against dps leather team(we'll go with 2 rogues and a feral): if you can stop the burst and cc you might have a chance, but most hunters cannot.

against mail dps team(a hunter, and 2 shams): I see alot of chance here- but with enhance with the way it is now your gonna be hindered.

against plate dps group: this is the same regardless of comp- gl.

groups with blood dks- dps and or healers should go down fast- but blood is still way to strong with its pvp survabilty. so- gl.

mixed dps only groups- depending on how its worked and the comp you'll have the best chance against these types.

I've seen the triple hunter arena before, and they were hindered and crushed most of the time. I see your Arena Score hitting 2k max before you give up. In my opinion, grab a disc priest or a holy paladin, and either a feral druid or a blood dk and go to town.

Rengeki out.
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