Vagrant Corps: 7/7 Heroic | LFM come 4.3

85 Draenei Paladin
Location: Windrunner Server
Server Time: Pacific Standard (PST)
Raid Schedule: Tuesday - Thursday from 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Currently looking for: Any skilled players, but would like rDPS and Healers

<Vagrant Corps> is a small social guild focused on completing content within the 10-man strict division.

In Cataclysm we have had a small share of milestones such as:

+ Server 1st 13 of 13 10-man heroic (4.1)
+ Server 1st to complete "Glory of the Cataclysm Raider"
+ Ranked #53 in the US within the 10-man division once we hit 13/13
+ Second to complete all of 4.1 in the mixed 25 & 10 division

+ Server 1st 7 of 7 10-man heroic (4.2)
+ US 7th 10-man Heroic Majordomo Staghelm kill
+ Second to complete all of 4.2 in the mixed 25 & 10 division

We are a dedicated bunch of like-minded individuals who yearn for end-game content but are unable to meet the schedule(s) to join other hardcore guilds. As such we make the most of the time available and strive to earn and maintain a US Top 100~ ranking within our division.

We fully understand that others have social lives outside of this game that would love to Raid end-game content without having to sacrifice / prioritize precious time. If this interests you then perhaps we are the guild you are looking for!

+ We Raid 3 nights a week (Tuesday to Thursday)
+ We Raid 4 hours a day (From 6:00 to 10:00 PST/Server)
+ We use EpGp as our loot system

All that we ask in return is that you treat others the way you would expect (or like) to be treated. With that said; we will do our very best to not waste your time and we expect that you feel the same about us. Come prepared to every fight by reading up on unfamiliar encounters. Show up every day ready to raid with a positive and competitive mindset.

We expect that every applicant to not only be passionate about World of Warcraft but also for the class / role they are applying as. We want to see potential members that are always finding new ways to self improve - that are driven and motivated to get content down.

If this sounds like you then apply today and be a part of our small team!
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85 Draenei Paladin
We got another boss down tonight, ranking us US #39 World #159 - making us (for a brief moment in time server #1!

Could still use a DK, Resto Druid, Hunter or Elemental Shaman. HALP!
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85 Draenei Paladin
If you troll on my topic via unguilded (or level 1) alts it will be reported as such. Continue to do so and I reckon they may ban you eventually.

Konungr is correct. We finished tonight by doing a boss that is further along within Firelands than what Temerity has down. For the time being we are ranked higher. No one in my guild is foolish enough to think we will hold on to it for long. Temerity is a VERY good guild with plenty of talented individuals that will no doubt reclaim it in no time. :)

We are not in direct competition with them anyway - nor do we view it as such seeing as how we play on different brackets. What they do, however, is give us inspiration to push forward, harder and faster so we can at least keep up with Big Brother. Please do not ruin my topic by starting some make-believe war no one cares about. Both Temerity and Pande have outstanding players that have nothing but nice things to say (to me directly when not joking around) so no one here would ever intentionally put them down.

Competition is good. It is helping put our little server on the map. I will end this not by discussing our raid scheduled because honestly, it fluctuates from week to week between 3 and 4 days (this week for example we are only raiding 3) and the only people who need to know are our applicants. Instead, if you are still confused as to why I said that we are ranked top 40 in the united states / 160 in the world, I would urge you to please view our rankings.

Again; this WILL change over time and we will lose position. By the time you read this it may have already changed. As I write this all that was said above is 100% accurate.

Oh and we really do need that DK, Resto Druid, Hunter or Elemental Shaman. Our Hunter stopped showing up all of a sudden a week ago. I am hoping all is well and that I do not have to plaster his image on milk cartons.
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85 Draenei Paladin
That is an excellent observation, Steamroll. You are very much correct. So why then post on a Level 1 alt? I have never been a huge fan of that personally. If you have something to say why do it behind a mask of anonymity?


At any rate I gave our recruitment description a much needed revamp. Thank you all who have given me positive criticism and the bumps. Very much appreciated. :)
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^lolumadebro i bet u app'ed to vagrant and got denied.. keep up the good work elle.
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85 Human Paladin
You gotta give it to the level 1, trolling or not, he's correct (the points awarded in overall t12 is obviously an error on wowprogress's side). This is not to say that Vagrant isn't highly skilled and very well organized, congrats on your kills guys! Keep up the good work. It's a shame that people argue so much over rankings when the focus should be having fun!
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1 Troll Shaman
^ this.

and stiLL: Vagrant Corps = damn good

(as for Elle and facts, he gets them wrong sometimes, but takes correction real well. it's hard to find anybody in this game like that. so, massive props for E.)
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100 Gnome Priest
In almost everyone's eyes it'll be the 3/7 vs the 4/7. I'm on the end of 4/7 is > 3/7. Although it's still nice being the only other guild to complete 13/13 HM mixed of previous tier and 2nd mixed this tier so far, even if we got started on HM a week late due to RL issues on our 3rd healer this tier.

On the end of recruitment . . we need some great players to fill out the dps. Running 12 players for a 10 man guild is extremely difficult for raid composition. Especialy if 1-2 of them ever cant show up for T-storms, family affairs, minor holidays, cpu troubles, RL issues, getting hacked(no authenticator like frikin rtards).
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85 Night Elf Druid
bump for some great guildies

p.s. rl sucks keep up the good work fellas
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90 Human Death Knight
wtb u guis a dk, been lf one for somtime heh <3

Gratz on 3/7 btw!
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