Draka, then and now?(Alliance Edition)

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Alliance only? Bah...where's the horde version?

I want to talk about the following:

Big Bad Voodoo
Should be Committed
Wolves of War

Classic Draka Alliance was always so damn boring. Horde was where all the drama happened.
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I was the heart of this server. Get at me.
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You have what is basically a Draka alliance appreciation thread but you have no idea who two of the most infamous guilds on Draka are? For shame.

Cold Steel Order is now Possessed.

Serious Business was the Limited Edition/Delusions of Grandeur of Vanilla. They had the ego, the douchery, and the skill.

Sadly, I was not here during Vanilla. However, I did get to Draka about a month before Swagger got their first Kael'thas kill. I may have missed Serious Business, but I'm glad I was here for Swagger. Oh how I miss BC. And before you ask, Swagger was the BC version of Serious Business.

HOLLA <----swaggers best hunter. LOL how i miss hearing deep rage in vent. it was so good.

i miss bc :(
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08/21/2011 02:46 AMPosted by Mariandra
I remember Swagger breaking up like a year into BC and then Sinister popping up with a few names from Swagger. Or was that a different Sinister?

This is how I remember it:

A couple of months into TBC (April 07, I think) most of the SB/Sinister people formed a guild called Decimated Ruins (Lifetapt, Defier, Biggiej, etc.). I was in that guild for a couple of weeks in May, and they had Prince and Gruul on farm, and were making attempts on Mags (don't know about SSC).

Two months later they reformed as Swagger in June 07, and pushed progression insanely, finally killing Kael toward the end of August. Literally a week or two after that (after killing a few T6 bosses), they broke up for good, with a large group transferring to Proudmoore to join the guild Renaissance. Some that remained joined a guild named The Hated, led by Deep IIRC. The Hated didn't make it passed the new year, though.

There was a really good thread about the breakup of The Hated on the old forums, with a long email that Deep had sent one of the other officers.

He sent it to everyone im psure, i have a copy of the email somewhere i have a few of them by deep actually
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The way everything went down was just too much for me. 2 trusted officers completely out of the blue, no discussion, no forewarning (as a matter of fact the guild was actually looking a lot better), just log in take what they think they "deserve" from the guild bank and post some bull !@#$ on the forums. I know why they quit and I'll make it simple for the curious, lets look at it DI'ing the tank, %^-*ing blowing it tanking Kael'thas 3 times in a row one night for various reasons, lets not forget the night we actually do kill him he gets like 20 stacks of nether vapor and goes down to 4k health and dies and I have to tank him, o yea and tanking rage winterchill with salvation on and trying to blame other people, o yea and lets not forget having less HP than ironhide after we've dumped every tanking upgrade on him because he has no idea how to gear as a tank, those among dozens of other incompetent acts I could point out are all the reasons we no longer are guilded together, basically he sucked and it was starting to show so he quit and dragged keyona with him.

I'm also fed up with everyone trying to blame me for them quiting or not liking the game anymore. For all the people that knew how to play this game at the level needed to progress end game, I am sorry you had to endure the catastrophy that was our guild and the players in it. If people didn't constantly !@#$ up, you'd never hear me say anything. I put everything I had into the guild. I was there everyday regardless if I was sick, if I was upset, tired, busy, whatever, I made it a point to make a good example and be there everyday and not only be there, but be there and perform optimally.... it didn't rub off on very many. People continued to show up unprepared, un knowledable about encounters, seemingly incabable of doing any encounter that required an ounce of common sense. And I had to deal with that, I DID deal with that and we slowly but surely progressed even with horrible players. However, while doing so people failed to see things from any perspective but their own. What would you or anyone else do if you had to lead a raid with people that don't know how to move out of death and decay, or don't know how to click an item while in the air for 10+ seconds to not die, or don't know how to click on ghosts and hit them with an ice lance, or any of the simple tasks people failed at over and over and over. We didn't have infinite days in a raid week or infinite time in a raid day and each one of those stupid wipes cost us, what would you have said or done if people messed this stuff up repeatedly. I tried everything I knew to do, being leniant, being stern, saying nothing at all, I tried it all and a bad player is just a bad player. I recruited constantly to try to purge the guild of bad players, but in the end it was never enough. I "spoiled" the game for people, I have news for you, if I "spoiled" the game for you, you need to do 1 of 3 things, go back to only raiding karazhan or 5 mans, go play an easier MMO like lotro or guild wars or something (not that this game is hard, but at least if you %^-* up in those games, no one really cares), or just stop playing mmos period. I didn't say anything to people that did their jobs and didn't mess up constantly. And if you did that, again I'm sorry you had to hear me rant at losers, it was draining and its a weight off my shoulders that I don't have to do it anymore. So, !@#$ all you that feel like I did something bad to you. You %^-*ing suck for coming to an end game guild unprepared to raid end game and holding us back, !@#$ you for not showing up to raids for bull %^-* reasons, o my gramdas sick, my dog died, who gives a !@#$, %^-* you for not knowing how to play a game that requires you to press 5 !@#$ing keys and move a mouse, who gives a %^-* if I spoiled the game for you, you spoiled it for at least 15 other people trying to raid at any given time.

For all the people that transfered to Draka and I told they'd have a long term home, I'm sorry. I gave it everything I had, I've been giving it everything I had for a very long time. Again, for the people, the other officers I thought were invested in this guild for the long term to quit and not only quit but quit in a deceitful and backstabbing manner, it was like the gigantic redwood log tree that broke the camel's back. If I could teleport you all back to your original realms I would. Even the people that sucked, if you were dedicated to raiding and at least trying to do better, I was willing to work with you and I am sorry that I wasn't able to fully live up to what I expected from myself and that was to stick around thru thick or thin.
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I just copy pasted the e-mail column from the site and started typing so this e-mail probably makes no sense, but I just typed what I thought to at least put some closure on something that I put a lot of time into. I think the people that were dedicated to the guild will be fine, you are geared out and should be able to get into any guild you want to, good luck killing Illidan or whatever other ventures you get into. Me personally, I love video games, and while I'm done with world of warcraft, forever, Deep has been in games before wow and will be in many games after. You have my e-mail address, if you want to send me a berating e-mail make sure to start towards the middle or the end because if its at the beginning I'll just delete and I'll never know how much you really hate me. If you want to yell at me i'm always on x-box live, gamertag: deepholla, and if you have a wii i can give you my console code, but i'll never play it until smash bros comes out in february.

So in closing, I apologize, not to anyone personally, but to the the guild as a whole, my guild members, it makes me sad we couldn't finish what we started due to teh selfishness of a few. But I assure you, I made the decisions I thought were best for the guild and I gave it everything I had, I thought I played selflessly and for the whole not the one. I know when a lot of you think of me, you'll think of someone that yelled at people in vent, but if you take a bird's eye honest look at it, I rarely ever yelled, what I often had to do was point out when someone messed up so it could be corrected (which it often didn't) and that "hurt people's feelings." Whatever I did or said, it wasn't to make myself feel better or to get my jollies off, I wanted US as a guild to kill bosses and everything I said or did was for that reason and that reason only, nothing personal, just business (raiding).

See you all in another life or in another game or in another genre or something like that, take it easy.

tldr deep was amazing
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<--UBRS this way. This was the realm I started on, shortly after I hit 60 joined the Knizzles which then became EOS. I miss those days, wish we hadn't of server transferred to Arygos.
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Ahhh Deep, I was one of the idiots that came to draka because of him... Only to get a few vashj kills, the highlight was Deep's raging on vent though, so it was worth the server transfer fee! He would literally make people cry, it was epic.
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Even still, being in Free Masons was probably the most fun I've had in the game, and the rivalry we had with Critical Mass LOOOL seriously though it was a blast.

Group 4, forever Lotte!!

Ah... Free Masons, good times. Cerveza rage quitting in BT, Justifan yelling at people to click the boxes on Mags, one of the tanks getting so drunk that he passed out snoring on vent during Azgalor. Running Kara with I Roll With These Girls, (Southern, Chandreena, Storm, Grandad, Rabid, Diss). Those were my best times in WoW ... I'd go back to it in a second.
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Loch Modan Yacht Club

< Sameggy, former MT and short lived GM of LMYC awhile back.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Wolves of War

by the way youtube just gave me this back today from google video, i thought i lost it


I was Hyperblade from elements of chaos, when i was here
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Anything was a riot in TBC! But in vanilla i have to say I miss worldboss ganking the most.

Give me Pike or give me..pie or cake.

Bicycles are never safe from being stolen.

Jr could not be Law. Law can play. JR dominated the AH.
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Take this from the Horde perspective back in the day and all I can say is...

Wot with 2 maces outside of Iceblood Graveyard! //wrists// :) (Hopefully I wasn't the only Hordie to meet their fate there.)

i hateeeeddd that guy
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Who was the tauren warrior in BC that destroyed battlegrounds. He was in one of the top horde guilds too... cant remember the name. I just remember seeing him and running.
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And OMG my good friend phynowen ! Storm and Rabid are playing D3 with me ATM . I will tell them you said wassssup.
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Man this thread really takes me back.

I transferred here to join Serious Business back in the Vanilla days. It was really disappointing that we sort of fell apart after Loatheb. Rogue chat in Naxx was amazing.

Ended up bringing my priest back over to join Swagger in BC and my first raid was working on Vashj in all blues. I think I'm still friends with Tranar on Facebook. Deep was pretty cool outside of raids, but him and Quicky were not friendly raid leaders.

I think the problem was that for all the skill most of the people in those guilds had, we were always very volatile.
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I really only started playing on this server before Wrath, and only started raiding hardcore during Ulduar. But I miss <Phoenix> from back in those days. Had to merge with Possessed during ICC 25 due to lack of attendance at which I lost interest in the game.
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62 Dwarf Rogue

best guilds in the server during thier time...... i miss it.
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SADFACE x 1000000 havent been on the forums in forever...i miss boundsouls (yes we still have it active)with mudlin and company. Not a very good guild as far as progression goes but was my first guild ever and met a lot of nice/fun people in there. Then raiding with rygar and CSO and Salykam..you traitor! HORDE? WHAT? Miss the people I met while being in Critical Mass like tygr and Plaen etc..miss the mayhem that was the opening of the gates of AQ and all that as well..thanks for this thread. Brings back so many memories. Oh...and hated it then but now i think its rather funny how the sb's reformed or not would load trade with "wts _____" insert whatever epic bop they gathered thru their runs. bye all.
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