We are currently 1/7 Reg. in Firelands 10man. 12/12 on reg and progressing on Heroic BOT, BWD, and To4W

We are a sociable fun guild that is looking for dependable raiders for our 10mans. We require an 85% appearnce on raid nights, which means you need to be there 85% of the time. We understand real life comes before wow, but if you want to commit to raiding an 85% appearance rating is required.

During raids we are serious and all about improving. We try to be gentle to raiders who are not up to performance, but our main goal is progressing and getting things down and moving on. In our guild we have people playing since Vanilla and Burning Crusade who know classes and can help you improve. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS. Being open and honest with us is what makes raiding easier and faster. If you fail because you were unsure that's your fault don't pin it on the people who take time to learn and explain fights.
We are actively seeking:

Hunter, Shaman, and Warlock

Raid Healers, Preferably Resto Druid and Resto Shammy
Or Holy Paladin

We require an iLevel of 360+.

Our current raid schedule is Wednesday-Thursday 7(server)-10(server)p.m. in Firelands, Saturday on Heroic BOT,BWD, TO4W from 7(server)-10(server)p.m., and Sunday 6(server)-10(server) in Firelands.

Contact or Mail ingame to:
Guild Master: Drwigs/Wigz
Officer: Aloamor

Thanks. -Aloamor
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