Worst players on horde

toofast and superpallyon are the top two
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100 Undead Mage
Been playing WoW since mid-Cata and I've met a lot of dumb players in that time, be they raiders or PvPers. But tonight while leveling a rogue alt I may have met the player that takes the retard cake. Our (non-heirloomed) Tauren paladin tank was leading us in Blackrock Depths, the classic dungeon. First thing we do is skip Bael' Gar because who needs to follow the quests or logical progression of the dungeon? Instead he heads straight to High Interrogator Gerstahn. He chooses to avoid the 2 rooms on either side of the halls filled with adds that most tanks clear out. He then precedes to pull the boss which promptly fears the group into the previously mentioned rooms still filled with adds. This needless to say overwhelms us and we wipe. Alright maybe it's his first time ever being in this dungeon, at least now he's learned that as a dungeon mechanic we need to clear these rooms right? Nope. He runs right down the hallway again saying "lol" as he goes, pulls the boss again and wait for it...wipes again. I'm sitting stealthed on my rogue watching this. This guy's board-flat learning curve doesn't get any better seeing as he does this a third time saying "lol" one more time for good luck. After this however, he decides that he's too good for the dungeon and leaves. Dumbest guy I've ever met.
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90 Undead Rogue
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