[H] Guild-hosted T11 25-man Full Clear PuG

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Hello Velen,

It is my intention to start a 25-man Tier -11 Full clear group on Friday July 29th and possibly on a weekly basis after that.

--- WHAT ---
Hosted by Ring of Destiny Guild, I offer you a FULL CLEAR OF ALL T11 CONTENT (on Normal)
- Bastion of Twilight
- Blackwing DEscent
- Throne of the Four Winds

--- WHY ---
Tier 11 can still have value to almost all of us.

45 Valor pts/kill x12 bosses = 540 Valor Pts. if you combine that with 2-3 bosses in Firelands, that means NO MORE ZANDALARI HEROICS to max out every week.

Tier 11 is significantly easier now to the point where we can PuG it if it's well organized. I've killed Nef and Cho'gal on 10 with a random PuG (on Velen) last week ...

--- WHO ---
I would much prefer Mains that still need their 4-piece bonus, but at this point we can certainly bring Alts as long as they have has some work put on to them prior to the raid (ie. 346+ avg. iLvl)

--- HOW ---
In order to accelerate the pace of the group, loot will be distributed on an honor system basis:
Need = Need for Main Spec, is an Immediate Upgrade.
Greed = Would like to have for Off-spec, is a side-grade at best.
Disenchant = DO NOT DO IT
PASS if the loot has no value to you.
We will be monitoring this and Ninjas will be removed from the raid and banned from any future raids and will revert back to Master looter if people prove un-trustworthy.

The only exception to this will be for the End-bosses (Al'Akir, Nefarian and Cho'Gal)
Tier pieces will only go to players who need it for MAIN SPEC to complete their 4-piece.
ie: In order to be eligible for Tier pieces, you must have in your possession the 3 other pieces, fully socketed and enchanted.
Off-specs with 3-pieces will get 2nd pick if none of the eligible main spec raiders need it.
This means you have 0 (ZERO) chance of getting a tier piece if you can not complete your 4-piece on the spot.

--- WHEN ---
This group will start up at 19:30 EST (16:30 Server) and be in the dungeon pulling by 20:00 (17:00 Server).
We will conclude some time between 23:00 and 24:00 (midnight) EST (Raid for 3-4 Hours) (ie: if we have 1 boss left and it's 23:15 we'll keep going)

--- RULES ---
The following rules apply to all attendees (RoD and PuG alike):
- Must know the fights (D'uh!)
- Must bring at least one flask that will be given to the Guild Alchemist. We will combine them to make 2 cauldrons (4hrs of total Flask up-time for the price of 1 single flask)
- Must have Vent and log on to the RoD Ventrilo server for the entire duration of the raid.
- Must Listen to directions.

People who fail at any of the above are likely to be replaced at the Raid Leader's discretion.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Yaanni/Dindrane <strong/> <strong/>

-Edit to correct typos and the date-
Edited by Yaanni on 7/28/2011 8:09 PM PDT
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89 Orc Death Knight
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Um, you typed that it's Friday July the 30th when July 30th is Saturday. Which day is it?
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89 Orc Death Knight
Date has been corrected

Friday July 29th 2011 at 7h30 PM EST (16h30 Server)

Thank you for pointing that out ;)
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89 Orc Death Knight
Results were not quite as expected.

We started by BwD and essentially rolled through all the bosses tonight until we got to Nefarian.

We had the strat down for Nefarian and brought him to 25% when people started leaving.

Took all of 1h45 and we put 5-6 attempts on Nef.

All in all not a bad night considering we were supposed to go 12/12 ...

On a side-note: we went back in there after with a 10-man and one-shot him. We then proceded to ROFLStomp Cho'Gal and all his friends with the same group in 57 minutes (we had bets going on time)

Thanks to everyone who showed up and stuck it out.

Grats to all who got loot (we Disenchanted a total of 12 pieces)

Next week I'll set more realistic goals.
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