About the Recent Authenticator Change

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Glad that they are investigating the option. WTB Opt Out.
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We understand the concern many players have with the recent Battle.net authenticator changes. To that end, we’re exploring the idea of adding an “Opt Out” option within Battle.net Account Management, which would then force the prompt for an authenticator code whenever you log into World of Warcraft.

To be clear, we have gone to great lengths to ensure Battle.net accounts and authenticators provide players with a high level of security. Maintaining a safe and secure Blizzard gameplay environment remains a top priority for us.

Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
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07/26/2011 03:51 PMPosted by Zarhym
I'm not sure. I just came across this one and wanted to get some visibility on the fact that we've been gathering player feedback on this change all along.

can I ask why it took a month+ to say we are looking at it?????

I mean if this
07/26/2011 03:27 PMPosted by Zarhym
We've been discussing the best way to implement new options for this feature since the moment it was announced

is true

a month of us screaming at the top of our internetlungs would have been a thread or 2
not 13+ threads in tech forums, a couple bans for people and whatnot
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07/26/2011 04:06 PMPosted by Comic
Man I have a career in the IT field dealing with the security side of networks and I still don't get what is wrong with this change. Kudos to Blizzard though for giving the people what they want.

I love this change and most people don't understand that it is still secure. Funny how the majority of IT people understand and say this is still safe yet the "know it all" kids think it isn't safe. Of course there are plenty of people as well that think the twin towers came down by our own explsions, lol. Anyways having the option will quiet the masses of well, let's just leave it as the people that don't understand.

Funny, the majority of IT Professionals, including myself, have agreed on it being less secure than before.
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Funny, the majority of IT Professionals, including myself, have agreed on it being less secure than before.

Again the authenticator is an extra level of protection it doesn't replace passwords. Most "IT professionals" such as yourself realize this. I'm thinking you are full of it.

And I'm thinking you're a board troll, but I'm responding anyway.

"extra level of protection". You need to think for a second. "Two-Factor Authentication" is what you mean. UN and PW are one factor. Authenticator is the other. Alone, they are equal levels of security. Together, they are stronger. Nothing is 100% fool proof, but if you really don't believe 2 is more than 1, then you have alot more issues than trolling.
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07/26/2011 04:13 PMPosted by Xanzul
Again the authenticator is an extra level of protection it doesn't replace passwords. Most "IT professionals" such as yourself realize this. I'm thinking you are full of it.

no, but my password is max length for blizzard's system, and if their DB was upper/lower case sens enabled, it would have a look like ThIs1SmyPassWord (note not real password)

where as now, both this1smypassword and THIS1SMYPASSWORD along with every other upper/lower case combo is 'valid'
keep in mind, when for work setting up my new domain id, I asked "what's the max length PW", then started typing so the one here for battlenet is actually a bit short by my standards :(
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07/26/2011 04:20 PMPosted by Xanzul
No I don't need to think about a damn thing. Blues themselves have referred to it as an extra level of protection because that is its purpose and what it was designed for. Period. If not having a secure password and an authenticator is enough to secure your account in your household again like I said you people have far bigger issues to deal with.

if you don't know the meaning of Two Factor Authentication, and won't look it up, I

A) Don't expect you to believe or understand a word I say


B) I don't care.
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07/26/2011 04:14 PMPosted by Xanzul

we actually got a blue response, which is all we had been asking for, not more trolls like you telling us to stop whining and that we were imagining things(like my acct re authenticating every PC I had logged into)

wtf, it deletes the name when I quote it as Xanzul

No you people pretty much are imagining things. This thread is full of flat out lies and misinformation and blues HAVE responded to this before. The ONLY reason you people got another response is because you people have the short term memory of a gnat and forgot about the original response.

edit: Editing quotes of someone else=trolling. Just saying. If you have an actual point please state it otherwise really just stop.

re read what wasn't edited in that post
here I'll help you

like my acct re authenticating every PC I had logged into
that is an issue, yet people like you said the system is SMART and knows it is me
my daughter took my laptop to school, I didn't do a format of the HDD for her when she did, my laptop played WoW on occasion before, when we were testing the security I called her up and told her to enter my UN & PW(1factor), it did NOT ask for factor 2(the fob key) despite the fact I gave her the computer back in June

so obviously, either

1) it doesn't follow what you say should be true so I am lieing
2) I am telling the truth, you are trolling everyone who posts that you don't agree with on this, and it is BUGGED

I vote option 2
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07/26/2011 04:26 PMPosted by Hunniebear
Anyone else notice the sudden rise in 'IT Professionals' in these threads?

the bulk of the 'real IT professionals' already quit over this
I was just waiting out my GTC

and for the record my badge says IBM, but has the little yellow stripe :( (meaning I am a 'contractor', not that IBM actually hires anyone directly in the US anymore)
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