How's the Rated PvP here?


I picked up WoW about two and a half weeks ago since, I guess I was bored or something (summer does that to you). I used to be a heavy PvP'er in other MMOs (such as Guild Wars, just google X Ekelon X) and was wondering how it was particularly on this server. I'm level 82 right now... but by the time I get lvl 85 (and slowly gear up), I'd be pretty interested in trying out some Arena/Rated BGs. Is there anyone out there that's willing to help my current noobiness out (or just straight up wouldn't mind picking someone up). I've hit 10k+ honor just from doing BGs during my leveling, so I've encountered a good variety of match-up situations. I use vent, etc. and all of that junk. In fact, I never PvP in an organized group without vent. This even means when I'm in PUGs. So that just kind of gives you the idea of the seriousness level I have in other games... anyways. Hit me up in-game or somethin'.

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13 Worgen Hunter
Rated bgs here are minimal, and so is arena. There are maybe 6 good horde players that dominate arena on this server and even less so for the alliance
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Oh dear... what do you suggest I do then?
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13 Worgen Hunter
Well im sure you'll fit in plenty of people look for teams
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85 Undead Mage
I don't play Alliance on here (yet), so I don't really know their PVP scene.
However on Horde, there are a few pretty well active guild Rated BG groups, and quite often in trade chat there are plenty of pug Rated BGs, however I have no idea how good or bad they do.

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