How much bandwidth does wow use per month?


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My data cap is 5gb a month before I get throttled and I play with the optimized network checked. Can wow reach this cap alone?
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WoW doesn't use very much...around 10-20mb/hr.

keep an eye on the more "Chatty" addons and try to keep 'em to a minimum.
Youtube and other streaming media however, will eat it up with a spoon.
watch out for some VoIP programs too. Skype and others like it will chew through your bandwidth rather quickly.
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Wow usually uses about 300mb in a month of general gameplay unless you have some excessively chatty addons.
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For live support,
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If you're counting bytes, watch out for the patches, though they don't happen often, they tend to be huge... And if p2p is enabled, that can add even more.

Closer to 20MB/hour is about right I think for normal gameplay, but it does depend what you're doing and where you are. This is about the order of magnitude of the bandwidth consumed listening to many audio streamcasts (that's decently compressed) for the same amount of time.

I recently tried doing the first three hyjal/firelands dailies over 3G and it took 4MB from login at sethria's roost (I had to quit my normal ISP due to the lag issue seen on other posts), doing the quests/turnin and logout. The fact that there's a lot of people hanging around there doing the quests at the same time made it use more.

I'll have to test with other situations...
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lol see your on the same plan as me sprint hotspot fml -.- lol ty guys for answering my question aswell
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Depends, if you soley level it will use half a gb with 6 hours a day gameplay but start raiding and your talking multiple gb's, its fairly low useage compared to the rest but if you LFR for 3 hours a day expect a 3gb useage with a few add-ons ontop.

Can it reach that cap? if you play enough yes, generally, heck no, even then being throttled to dial up you can still quest and run 5 mans.
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This thread is very useful! I was just searching for the same answer... This was the first one I read and since a few people answered in their own opinions I won't need to look anywhere else! =]

And my thoughts on the subject are, you gotta watch out for the "Dreaded Bandwidth Murderer" more commonly known as "Netflix". My friend gave me her sister's account info so I could watch stuff on my xbox, it didn't happen the first month I had it but the next month BAM! comcast is in my face about the transfer cap! Which is 250gbs by the way, I can't believe some of yours are only 5!!! I wouldn't be able to keep it.... the only things I like to do on the internet (xbox live, torrents, used to be netflix too, and so on..) take quite a bit of bandwidth...

Also, any of the new xbox 360 dashboard "Apps", like Youtube, ESPN, UFC, and... ugh...Netflix, take up a lot of bandwidth too! It's quite a relief that WoW doesn't take too much because honestly, I have enough trouble keeping it under my 250... which probably sounds ridiculous and greedy to you 5gb people... but I used to have no cap (or at least they never bothered me...) with qwest internet.. So I'm used to being able to download large torrents and lots of other things.. And anyone, like me, who uses torrents and/or watches Netflix all day long, or youtube, or so on, will agree that 250 isn't really as hard to get to as you think... I usually hit my "self-made" cap of 225 (I do that so I have room for random usage without getting screwed) in the first week or so! I hit it on the 6th this month!!!!!!

So yeah, there's my really long opinion... but one more thing!

Stevner, no offense or anything, but do you think people will have seen the other posts your talking about?... lol
you don't really have to answer that I'm just being a can we say what I was about to type in the forums? I really hate having what I wrote made into that dumb symbols thing so I'm just not even going to say it.. you knew where I was going with that....

I recently tried doing the first three hyjal/firelands dailies over 3G and it took 4MB from login at sethria's roost (I had to quit my normal ISP due to the lag issue seen on other posts), doing the quests/turnin and logout. The fact that there's a lot of people hanging around there doing the quests at the same time made it use more.

....and what a long first post it is.
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02/08/2012 10:30 PMPosted by Skaman
"Dreaded Bandwidth Murderer"
that you're talking about is ACTUALLY your torrents.

That 250GB cap is download AND upload combined. Even when you're not downloading torrents, you are "seeding" right? That is uploading. Stop torrenting and you can still use Netflix, easily.

Youtube videos take up nothing my friend. I watch them all day as I am a political junkie and I like to work to my car so I watch EricTheCarGuy (youtube channel).

SUPPORT for Connection/Latency/Lag Related Issues
Click here:
Unofficial WoW Tech Support Pages
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so if i do hyjal and firelands dailies I wont go over my teeny tiny cap? :D
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I can't understand why such pitiful caps exist. They gouge you too if you go over. The crappiest cable internet available in my area (10Mbps) is $45CDN and has a 150GB cap. My 50Mbps has a 400GB cap
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Just so you're aware, the 5GB cap is (at least for me) related ONLY to a cellphone connection.
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The cap exists because not everyone lives in a city.
My cap is 5GB because I live up on a mountain, dial-up and satellite internet is all i get.
I use Verizon mobile hot spot, and i cant watch YouTube, patch my games, or play my first-person shooters... But its the best i can do for where I live.
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Its the same where i live. I live in BFE Texas, and verizon refuses to run a 200 ft line off the highway to my house. I wanted to go back to WoW but idk if will eat up my data usage or not.

On a side note I do play Diablo 3 off of my phone and i MIGHT go through 20mbs in an hour, on single player...
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I live about 5 minutes from a little "city" with Internet caps of 400gb. The dumb thing is, my cap maximum is 10gb!! You think the service provider people could simply extend their cables do
My little town can enjoy it too but nope. I go over the cap every month it seems. Once I went over 1000$. -__- so people with 250- 400gb caps. No complaining.
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Well thank you all for this but i just want a straightforward answer i have 20gb limited 4G LTE Verizon internet and if i play wow on it for several hours a day will i go over? i will ofcourse test it out by looking at the current gb used on my account with verizon but i dont even want to turn it on without knowing if it will skyrocket my usage in 2 seconds thanks
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