Hello, are you looking to transfer large sums of cash across factions? Don't want to get a nasty 15% cut from the goblin AH?

Then look no further! I have a solution for you!

Simply give your gold to me, and I will trade it back to at a much smaller 5% cut on the other side.

All you need to do is mail either my horde character, Antidug; or my alliance character, Dugley; and we'll make arrangements.

Limitations: I will not transfer any less than 10,000g, or any more than 100,000g at a time. If for some reason my gold supply becomes low on one faction then I may not be able to transfer gold for that time.

example: Peter has a horde death knight, Dkarthaslol; he also has an alliance hunter, lolegolaspwn. Peter is wealthy on his horde DK, having over 80,000 gold, while his alliance hunter, is poor and only has a mere 7000g. To fix this problem, he comes to me; asking to transfer 40,000g from his horde char to his alliance char. Dkarthaslol trades 40,000g to Antidug; and then Dugley will trade 38,000g to lolegolaspwn; keeping 2000g (5%) for himself.

Other stuff: I will require becoming a realid friend for the period of the transaction, to provide easier communication; if this breaks any terms/EULA/etc, please let me know; but to my knowledge it doesn't.

Leader of the Grey Wardens


Fail hunter of the alliance.