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Hi guys :)

After a long break, I have started up GKP's again in Cata! This coming weekend will actually be our 4th weekend since I started up again and things on the whole are going great. As some have mentioned in other threads, GKP's have changed slightly since the WotLK "hey days". They aren't earning as much (yet) with the exception of Tier Tokens (that sell for a fair bit), however they are still lucrative and most importantly still enjoyable. Someone attending all of the runs on any given weekend can expect to make approximately 6k each (based on current pots) and gear their alts up while doing so. I expect it will be quite some time before pugs or GKP's hit Firelands with any success, so 4.1 tier raids are where it's at till then :)

With the exception of our 2nd week (called run early, with many spots filled by embarrasingly unskilled trade pugs) every run has been a complete success and full clear including final bosses in BWD, BoT & Tot4W. At this stage BWD and BoT are on Saturday with a possible extra run of Tot4W on Sunday.

For those unsure, a GKP run is a raid where ALL loot is auctioned off for GOLD to the highest bidder. Bidding is done after each boss kill and in raid chat. The winner of any item pays the Raid Leader at the time of receiving the item. This includes BoE's, BoP's, Crafting Patterns, Crafting Mats, Mounts and even Quest Items (where applicable). The Raid Leader keeps track of all gold earned ("The Pot"). At the END of the run, ALL gold earned is divided EQUALLY 25 ways and each raider is given their share before leaving the raid. There are no main spec / off spec auctions, all loot is free to bid on at anytime, by anyone.

There is NO "buy-in", the run is 100% free to attend. There are however 2 types of spots you could fill:
1) Carrier - You are raid geared and are just coming for fun / to earn gold
2) Buyer - You have at least partially farmed heroics and have gold to spend on any upgrades that might drop.
(**Note: We do have 1 or 2 "Full Carry" spots available, where as long as you have the gold to back it up, you can stand there naked and lick the screen until you buy the loot after each kill that is applicable to you :P)

1) Vent (A mic is not required, as long as you can hear and understand)
2) Gear should be gemmed / chanted - This is not an unreasonable request.
3) Flasks/Food for each boss. While this is not usually enforced, it is appreciated by the others who do flask/be well fed regularly, and likely to get you a regular spot :)
4) Be available for the duration of the raid. While RL emergencies do occur (and I have no problem with those), having other people come and go as they please is frustrating to everyone and time consuming to replace. As such, anyone leaving early forfeits their share of any gold earned thus far.

What: 25 man GKP run of BWD, BoT & Tot4W
Where: Caelestrasz, Horde. Make sure you're in the GKPRUN chat channel (/join GKPRUN)
When: Every Saturday at 12 noon Server Time (BWD & BoT) and potentially every Sunday at 12 noon Server Time (Tot4W)

Hope to see all the WotLK regulars returning soon and new faces are always welcome :)


PS: Yes, this is Shammoo. I changed my name to Shammoblin at the start of Cata since I went Goblin :P You might have noticed a new guy around with my old name Shammoo, clearly this is not me.
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08/02/2011 01:16 PMPosted by Darthmalgus
You better run these in swtor, they were epic fun in wrath

swtor has to make it to the red zone and be playable in this area of the world before anything else.
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08/02/2011 04:06 PMPosted by Vernas
swtor has to make it to the red zone and be playable in this area of the world before anything else.

Amazon is your friend

Way ahead of you, ordered it day 1 on Amazon. If you believe anything EA say good luck being able to PLAY it with all our horrid lag
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Horde side are very fortunate. Good stuff!
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85 Draenei Death Knight
How did the runs go Shammy? Hmmmm GKP... Could always start then Alliance side.
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85 Draenei Death Knight
Bump for an old friend ^^
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85 Blood Elf Warlock
ill come nxt week :D
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