Ret dps on average

OK so i want to do some ret dps, however i dont know if ret dps is great for raids and stuff so i decided to go pvp and kinda hate it o.o

What i want to know is how much dps do ret pallies do in raids on average and if they are not rejected when trying to join 10m,25m, or just 5m groups
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85 Tauren Paladin
well ret is ranked above SMF specced fury warriors in dps for 4.2 and only 600 dps below TG fury warriors if that puts a gauge on the kind of dps you can put out. What you have to remember is that there's not rotation for ret. just a priority system with the core of that keeping your Inquisition up at all times. We do high burst damage, so holding off a few seconds for a tank to aggro is a must or you'll have to hand of salvation yourself and basically sit there and not spam any of your procced CD's. One thing that varies with how you use your CD's in my opinion is the trinkets you have access too. w/ my apparatus of khazagaroth holding off on blowing my zealotry so that i have stacks of the 'titanic power' ups my dps quite a bit. blowing them all at once might look really cool on recount but youll be losing out in the long run. ret isnt broken. ret dps is VERY viable for raids and dungeons. you just have to know how to play it.
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90 Draenei Paladin
Agreed with Serafim, ret damage is all about managing your cooldowns for getting some awesome burst damage. And remember ret is not only there to damage - you have to keep a look out for other people's HP (and threat in some cases), especially healers and tanks, and be ready to use up your word of glory or lay on hands to save them. In raids, surviving > dps, even though many raid leaders don't realise this.

I pull about 26k burst damage, and around 18-20k sustained for 10 man normal firelands bosses. My guild raid usually is full of casters, and a hunter who manages around 23k every fight, sustained. I usually tie with the casters, although sometimes get more or less depending on the fight and how lucky I am with my procs and managing my cooldowns.

The thing that really increased my dps was popping zealotry and avenging wrath at the same time. It used to be advisable to pop them separately, but that has changed, and has given me a HUGE dps increase. Try it out if you aren't already.

It also makes a huge difference to be keeping up your flask and buff food, and using potions for your burst, usually coupled with heroism/time warp.

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85 Tauren Paladin
The thing that really increased my dps was popping zealotry and avenging wrath at the same time. It used to be advisable to pop them separately, but that has changed, and has given me a HUGE dps increase. Try it out if you aren't already.

I agree with your statement Arlas unless you have access too Apparatus of Khaz'goroth.

This can change your priority of stats up quite a bit, because a full powered use of the AoK would give you an added 2500 mastery. Which puts your mastery at giving you 100% added holy damage to CS, TV, and DS. I've found that popping my wings and GoAK then using a priority based roatation until i get 5 stacks of Titanic Power, and THEN using my zealotry w/ a golemblood/BL/timewarp/heroism increases my dps more than just blowing avenging wrath and zealotry at once. Also doing this seems to always set up my CD timers in perfect unison.

On my guilds numerous Rag attempts i've tried both methods to see what was more effective. Popping wings and zeal at the same time can ut me anywhere from 32k to 36k burst damage, but after im done i drop to around 18kish. If i use my tweaked priority rotation w/ the AoK in account, I can burst around 28 to 32k but then even out at around 22 to 23k. This method of mine has only been tested on Rag up to his 53% mark, but nonetheless it seems more effective than blowing everything you have at the start.

Also, popping GoAK with Avenging Wrath helps build up the 20% str increase you get from stacks of the GoAK. That way when you pop Zeal, you have an added 20% increase, your 2500 mastery increase from AoK and whatever other procs/trinkets/potions you might have.

I'll say its again like i said it before. Ret isn't a broken class. Our dps is ranked above SMF Warriors and only 600 overall dps below TG warriors for FL content. Besides. Sulfuras, The Extinguished Hand was made for ret pallys.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Im not going to lie, looking at that weapon makes me both excited while drooling and very sad. Because of how many melee Dpsers are going for this amazing weap
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