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Why do I see loads of people hating on Knaak and his WoW books? I've read Day/Night of the dragon, The War of The Ancients Trilogy (can't think of any more off the top of my head), and imo they are very well written. I can't see why people wouldn't enjoy them. Any of you have reasons not to?
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They're not bad. Same goes for mister Grubb.

But I enjoy the writing style and story development of Christine Golden a lot more.

If you want to see poor Warcraft writing, I hate to say it, but Metzen's Of Blood and Honor was pretty embarrassing. I still love you though, Metzen!
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Most people hate it because they view Rhonin and Krasus as very poorly written characters with little to no character flaws. They also see the above two characters as being inappropriately inserted into wow Lore(WOTA for example).


Raptor Army.
SSJ Malfurion.
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I know he wrote at least a couple Dragonlance books that I enjoyed, don't think I've read anything else he's done. I'll take him over Salvatore any day, though.
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I love his books...
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I know he wrote at least a couple Dragonlance books that I enjoyed, don't think I've read anything else he's done. I'll take him over Salvatore any day, though.

You think so?

It's weird, I just brought this up in the Dragonlance thread before reading this. lol.

To me (And it's just my opinion), Knaak failed as bad writing Dragonlance as he did writing Warcraft. I suppose I'm just not a fan of the way he writes and how he presents characterization, but.....I mean, I guess I'm not alone because a LOT of people in the WoW community consider him the least talented Warcraft writer, and a lot of people in the Dragonlance community consider his books to be the worst Dragonlance books! lol. So, it's def no coincidence....his writing just......turns people off.

I don't quite know why. I know the subject matter of the Dragonlance books he wrote didn't sit well with me. Minotaurs, Ogres, etc just never really interested me that much in the land of Krynn. And plus....he loves his "Mary Sue's". Kaz the Minotaur, Rhonan, etc. Like I said, he's just not good with characterization. Also, he relies on deus ex machina more so than any other WoW writer, or Dragonlance writer.

Not to mention, his fantasy buzz words (like "orbs" instead of eyes) reallllyyyy annoys me. Now look...I write poetry and I know all about trying to create imagery by using strange synonyms, but he OVER does it.

Ok, so maybe I do know why I don't like his writing. lol. =)~

Considering it's been close to 20 years or more since I read most of them, my memory of them is probably pretty clouded. My tastes have refined since then, too, so I probably wouldn't enjoy them nearly as much now. Case in point, I picked up the Forgotten Realms "Avatar Trilogy" books for 50 cents each and I just finished the first one last night. I loved those books to death when I was in high school, but I found a lot of nits to pick with the first one in this latest read-through.

I do remember liking Kaz the Minotaur at the time, moreso probably than some of the other tossed off cash-ins in the heroes/tales/legends vein. These were little more than pulp novels to be sure, but I was right in the target market at the time and I found them entertaining.

I don't really recall any egregious over-use of "fantasy buzz words" from Knaak, the one that always irritated me was Salvatore. In his Drizzt books it seemed like he tried to find an excuse to use "limn" on every other page, and repeatedly used "grizzly" when he meant "grisly."

Edit: I probably should have logged over to my warrior before posting this, for consistency's sake. Oh well.
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I suppose he's passable if you're a really undemanding reader, and don't care about style, flow, characterization, etc.
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You're just gonna love the new warcraft toilet paper he is gonna release soon.
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allow me to explain.

I enjoyed Day of the Dragon, a decent and fairly well written book, with his characters being only a little Mary Sue-ish.

Night of the Dragon was a complete piece of crap and is a waste of shelf space. All the characters in it were complete Mary Sues.....

Whats a Mary Sue character ?
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War of the Ancients is one of the better trilogies I have read. Ever.
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09/12/2011 12:48 AMPosted by Oshea
Whats a Mary Sue character ?

a Mary Sue is basically an extension of the Author, where they make them very overpowered because they want them to. Its the Author's pet, or in some cases, the Author themselve.

In this case, Knaak made Rhonin and Krasus his little toys and made them FREAKING OVERPOWERED befyond belief, even in a fantasy setting.

Rhonin can talk to raptors and makes an army of them, among other Sue-ish qualities.
Malfurion makes a storm THAT COVERS THE WORLD!!!
Krasus is a dragon that uses magic and is of the Red Flight. He also has a ton of other crap about him that pisses me off, but at least he died a good death. in a Golden book.
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Currently reading War of the Ancients, and i was wondering why people are criticizing him as a writer. I've read worse.

His style and pace is lively, economic and he moves the action well.

A little sparse on descriptions and placing the characters in a setting -but i think that's a personal preference of mine.

I did find one error in a section where his missed a chunk of text, kept re-reading to see if i missed something.
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I personally found War of the Ancients and Day of the Dragon to be okay, though there are certain things about Knaak's writing that irk me, such as the constant elipses and overuse of the word 'leviathan'. The quality seemed to go vastly downhill in Night of the Dragon. Now, every time I read a Knaak book it annoys me more and more... I haven't read Stormrage or Wolfheart because I just don't want to deal with it.

The characters are okay, imo. I think that with some well thought out development they could actually be likeable, dynamic characters.
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I purchased the Archive several years ago and for some reason got so aggravated/bored by the writing style of Day of the Dragon and the characters that I tossed it into a corner, where it stayed for almost a year before I picked it up againand finished it. I've only ever done that once, and that was with a book that I was way too young to appreciate the first time I tried to read it. I would love to say exactly what it was, but it's been so long since I've read it, and I'm not going there again.

Then I read The Sunwell Trilogy and the story was okay, but Anveena just worked my nerves from her very first appearance. Once I heard that Mary Sue characters are typical in Knaak books, I decided to avoid them. I have read worse, Todd McCaffrey comes to mind....but I won't buy his books either, no matter how much I love the series.
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90 Undead Warrior

War of the Ancients was good.
Day of the Dragon was ok, too.

Stormrage is one of the worst pieces of !@#$ i have ever read in my entire life.
No, scratch that, Night of the Dragon is. My god i wanted to gouge out my eyes reading that %^-*.

The Sunwell Trilogy was ok, except for the fact that they screwed up a lot of lore elements. The Story of Trag Highmountain was pretty good though (his story takes place in Warcraft: Legends 1-4)

and of course, Wolfheart was a good read for those Alliance fans. I enjoyed it as a Horde player.

So, 4 good books to 3 bad books. He isn't reliable.
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