[H] Blackguards Recruiting for 10m- 2day/week

85 Troll Druid
This is the recruitment post for Group 2 (name TBD)
For Group 1 please see: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1083320688

<Blackguards> is selectively recruiting for Firelands.

Our 10m group is recruiting for 10m Firelands. Our raid times will be from 9pm-12am Tues-Wed server time.

Especially looking for:

1 Druid Healer

Other excellent players also welcome to app.

Current Success: Group 1 10m- Firelands 5/7


25m-BOT/BWD/THRONE 12/12 normal and 2/13 hard modes. Bye bye Magmaw!
ICC 10: 12 bosses down - 11/12 HARD MODES- drakes
ICC 25: 12 regular and 9/12 HARD MODE bosses down - LK dead!!

We are not your typical raid guild. Comprised of smart, friendly and mature individuals with a life outside of WoW, we strive to to see end game content (including hard modes), but to do it on our terms.

-Raiding Smarter, not Harder or Longer

-Without mouth breathers, neckbeards and whatever other unpleasant individuals that some guilds carry on their roster "Because we need his DPS" or "We need a tank".

  • Read and/or watch (whichever will help you understand better) the strategy online for the bosses we will be doing that night. I understand if we decide to switch to a different boss during the raid that it is different story. This is mostly a time saving thing, so the only thing we have to do in raid is tune the strat for us and hand out assignments.

  • Know your class: Read up on your class, and have the most optimal spec for your gear and skill level. I can't stress this enough, I've seen too many people with specs of world class raiders that just suck. They have that specific spec because it works for their strats, style, raid duties and skill level. Find a spec that fits those criterias for YOU. Theorycraft, if you're into that stuff, if you're just sitting around in Org. Talk to some people of same class/spec and playstyle in other guilds of similar progression to find out what they're doing and if you can use that to better yourself. I had done this in ICC and it had helped me greater than any elitest jerks.

  • Learn from each attempt- Example: Magmaw- First attempt you die from flame pillar. Second attempt you die to flame pillar. Third attempt you die to flame pillar. You probably should've learned to not stand in flame pillar after the first time, or even before that by watching a basic strat that includes various abilities.

  • I ask that you come to the raid serious and ready to do some good raiding. I know it is just a game and we play for fun but to get things done, and on farm so we CAN enjoy it for a long time to come, requires seriousness at first. We will raid at the same time as the 25m group used to: Tues and Wed 9-12am Server. To facilitate with shenanigans we will have 2 5-min break or 1 10-min break during raid between flasks.

  • This group will take a week or 2 to actually get going, while we swap people in and out of various slots to get the most skilled group we can. Basically if you suck then well....you suck. If you are a fast learner and want us to help teach you anything that we are capable of passing on to you, all you have to do is ask. There is no shame in saying you need help with something, however there is shame if we ask, "does anyone need help with anything?" and you say yes 5 wipes later. Ask your question, and it will be addressed right there and then if possible.

  • Loot System- TBD but all I can say right now is that if you perform at or above our expectations then you will receive loot. Performance will be gouged on a per attempt basis to assure that everyone is giving 100% each and every time.

  • If you can adhere to these rules/guidelines then feel free to contact us.

    Apply at: www.blackguards.us; If you would like to attempt to get a raid spot talk to one of the people below in game or send a mail. Also please post it in the public forums on the site.

    /w Lazarys, Lightmare (after 8/3), Smokinred or Ikonoklast

    17+ and over please. We are a mature guild and we mean it. <strong/>
    Edited by Lazarys on 7/30/2011 3:07 PM PDT
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    85 Human Paladin
    Lightmare says hi....hi!
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    85 Human Paladin
    Bump for a tank that follows the above guidelines.
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    85 Goblin Mage
    Bumpity bump. Got MAjor D down last night.

    A tank for would be nice too (non-warrior).
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