Thrallstars is currently recruiting for our 10 man Firelands raid team. We are seeking skilled and experience raiders who excel in their roles to progress into heroic content. Thrallstars was founded originally as ORLY and a driving force in progression raiding through Classic, Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King and was renamed to Thrallstars prior to IceCrown Citadel opening up. Under the initial leadership of Shaggy, ORLY pushed content through all levels of content and continues to focus on raiding to this day under new leadership. We are currently looking for players who will help us push hard for kills and heroic progression and bring back the glory of what made ORLY a driving force in raiding. Any exceptional applicants are more then welcome to apply and if we get extra players and have sufficient numbers to pull it off, we will consider a second 10 man group that will be a strong as our main group. Excellence is a Thrallstars motto, and that is what we expect.

Recruitment needs:


1 - Protection Warrior, Death Knight or Feral


1 - Discipline/Holy Priest
1 - Restoration Shaman


Closed until further notice.

So what do you expect out of Thrallstars? A fun and dedicated raiding guild that treats it's members equally. We expect the best out of every member and we will help those who are struggling in order to improve, rather then berate them. Our raid schedule is Monday to Thursday, 5:30 PST till 8:30 PST until further notice. Loot is handled via Loot Council for main specs first, off spec pieces are open roll. Flasks and food are provided through Feasts and Cauldrons, any other items such as potions can be crafted by guild members upon request. Depending on availability, enchants are provided, however some mats may need to be purchased in order to do them.

If you think Thrallstars sounds like the place for you, feel free to apply at or whisper myself, Omgkings (GM, tank and healer officer), melee officer Blackterror (Healsterror, Mageterror) or our caster officer Jovo for more details.