Controlled Leveling Toons

85 Troll Priest
Our guild has started an experiment some of you may be interested in. Let's start with what prompted the idea.

- Most of us have been playing the game for many years. I go back to vanilla. One of my guildies goes back to vanilla beta. We actually like the lower level quests and instances and we really want to explore the new ones.
- With our guild perks and heirlooms we're leveling so fast we can barely scratch the surface of a zone here and there before the quests go gray. Some of the new lowbie quests we've done have been great and we want to see more. Turn into a questgiver and watch Blizzard satirize the players? Punch Deathwing? Come on, who wants to miss that?
- Along with leveling so quickly comes the inability to form little guild groups who go around together, bonding, hoisting an ale in Booty Bay. One day you're level 35 and so is a guildie. The next day you come back and find he stayed up late and now he's level 52. You quickly level and he goes off and plays his main. Now you're 63 and he's still 52. Every instance is a pug because nobody in your guild happens to be at the same level this toon is today.
- Leveling has turned into a race for 85 and some of us already have a bunch of 85's and /snore - we don't really need three healing classes.

So we have developed the idea of Controlled Leveling Toons. The idea is that since you can turn leveling on and off there is no reason not to stay as long as you like at any level for any reason, not just twinking. Our guild has set a loose level cap for the CLTs. When we hit that level we pay the 10 gold (the guild bank can help if necessary), turn off the leveling, and keep a whole bunch of toons at that cap until we all decide we've done everything we want to do. All the new lowbie quests in Eastern and Kalimdor both. At the start some people are turning off at 19 so they can join the twink BG's. Some are turning off at 20 so they can have mounts. And some are lazy and turn off at 21-22. It doesn't matter, all of these still feed into the same instances. In a while we say enough of that, and set the new cap to something like 30. Each time you turn leveling on or off it costs 10 gold. This isn't much if you have a main.

You are welcome to join us if you can live with our three little rules: no being mean, no begging, and keep the swearing to a minimum. Right now for raids our mains are just joining other people's. The guild is level 19. If interested do /who Alacrity.
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85 Night Elf Druid
Awwwww whattttt??? Pleeaaaaaaasseeee let me be mean!!!! I !@#$ing LOVE to be mean!!! Please please please?
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Wow i really like the idea of this, everything is soo much easier in wow (leveling/dungeons) that you really lose the fun and dont enjoy all the aspects of the my perspective
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