Roleplaying 102: The Revenge of Society


85 Night Elf Druid
That's it? I was bracing myself for another 4 hour long read. Did I miss something? Anyway I figure this is stating the obvious as opposed to helping people define their characters.

Dragon RP is fine by me.

If you can manage to make a Vial of the Sands, you deserve to be a dragon and rip people's heads off with minimal effort. In comparison to making a Vial, even soloing FL 25H is easy.
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85 Tauren Death Knight
But [erotic roleplay] has it's place, and not everyone is horrible for doing it, though some will argue otherwise.

It has its place, but not in World of Warcraft. Here's a little something you might want to add in that section:

If a player is found in violation of the Harassment Policy, he/she may:

* Be given a warning
* Be temporarily suspended from the game
* Be given a Final Warning, any further ToU violations will result in permanent suspension

Extreme Sexuality/Violence
This category includes both clear and masked language which:

* Refer to extreme and/or violent sexual acts

This category includes both clear and masked language which:

* Is crude and offensive in nature
* Is an inappropriate reference to human anatomy or bodily functions
* Is pornographic in nature

This category includes both clear and masked language which:

* Is a mildly inappropriate reference to human anatomy or bodily functions
* Is otherwise considered objectionable
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71 Worgen Rogue
This is a roleplaying guide. It assumes that the people reading it are already intelligent enough to not blatantly break WoW rules and get banned.
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85 Orc Death Knight
I had a cake there once.
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Regarding ERP - yes, it's illegal, yes, people will do it anyway. But for the love of all that is holy don't EVER do it in emotes, or anything public. Use party chats and whispers. It's for your own account safety and our mental health.
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81 Night Elf Mage
People still read these? Hmm.
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85 Human Warrior
Yes, we still do...and now my axes want your blood for your slight against gnomes!

Seriously, they talk! Listen...


See? They tell me to get Subway after work!
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81 Night Elf Mage
*pets the gnome*
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28 Tauren Hunter

Too bad you only get attention online.
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100 Blood Elf Warlock
Question. Who is Ephie, and why are they eating all the eggs? o_O
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84 Undead Death Knight
08/14/2012 07:18 PMPosted by Malredis
Question. Who is Ephie, and why are they eating all the eggs? o_O

Someone has to. The eggs are not going to eat themselves.
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
This post is wonderful!
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Alinaris, this is really well written and makes so much sense. It's really rare to see people who know what they are talking about and I can't think of a single point that you made that I disagreed with. Certainly looking forward to seeing your next piece of work.
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Such a well worded post, Alinaris. I'll be sure to advise new RPers here when they are in need of help!
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1 Human Priest
I enjoyed the advice, helped to see rp.... openly. Also, why would werepenguins not read this? I mean hes not that bad....
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36 Undead Priest
This post is very useful.
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100 Pandaren Monk
Good to be able to really learn more about RP.

So here's my question regarding guilds...I see so many recruitment posts, so many promises and have ended up in three dead guilds. The one I sit in currently 7-8 active members. I want something more social.

However I don't want a flavor of the month guild either. Do I need to just suck it up? Does a guild need a theme or could its theme be the creation of interesting content?

I just have no place in a house guild or a band of hardcore mercenary types or even among paladins. Where do I look? How do I look? I've never really done such a thing before so it's entirely new to me.
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100 Human Warrior
I have a solution for dragon RP, your character is a dragon of chosen flight (except black dragonflight), you're a dragon but you hate the surging pain you feel as you go on the transformation process from humanoid to dragon.

Think about it, it works without having any roleplaying problems like immense power. To feel more like you have "immense power" use the growth potions just don't use it for Roleplaying purposes. :)
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