Transmogrification is coming

69 Blood Elf Priest
Given that ranged weapons can be transmogrified cross-type, why not melee weapons? The technology clearly is present to know the proper animation (since guns/crossbows have different animations from bows), why can't you support it for melee weapons as well? Couldn't they use the same tech to use the proper animation that ranged weapons will be using?

You could still enforce basic things like Main-hand and Off-hand restrictions (since I seem to recall this was the reason for Main-hand vs Off-hand fist weapons was that it's not just a matter of flipping the model) and also disallow Two-Hand weapons to be transmogrified into One-Hand weapons (and vice-versa). It'd be hilarious for me to appear to be wielding a pair of two-handed swords as a rogue, but that's Fury's schtick, I don't need to copy that.

This would also let rogues have transmogrified swords without having to add more shaman-enraging agility swords to current content. I'm fine with wielding axes or maces as a combat rogue, but letting me *look* like I've got some fine, fine swords would certainly make me happy.

Because for the most part, different ranged weapons share similar animations.

If a Rogue were to be using a Warglaive MH as subtlety spec, he'd have to stab with the Warglaive and that'd look awkward.
85 Troll Hunter
when i thought i was saved, they injected more poison in my veins...

dammit bliz, why you're so addicting D:
100 Blood Elf Paladin
That is what i wanted!!!!
85 Human Rogue
I was reeeeeally looking forward to slaying monsters with a bunny outfit and mutilating with a basket and flowers.

Thank you for shattering my dreams.
90 Night Elf Rogue
Sounds very nice, makes me glad I saved up on some gear. Otherwise, it would help to know if having looted the gear versus keeping the item of gear is a needed point of clarification.
85 Blood Elf Paladin

Thank you.

That being said it took WAY too long for you to decide to implement this essential feature.
85 Undead Mage

Shouldn't have to if I've already had the gear though. Which is the reason me and many others are wanting clarified if it's enough to have earned it in the past, or if you have to be one of the few who saves everything.

I will be very very very surprised if Blizzards servers are good enough to have kept track of every piece of gear you've ever owned.. or even keep track of particular pieces of gear you've ever owned. That would be some database.
I have a question about this.

Ethereals don’t have much in the way of ethics, but allowing someone to appear as if they’re equipping unusable items crosses the line.

Does this include class-restricted items? Could a priest have something look like, say.... the mage's Season 2 PvP helm (i really like that one)?
85 Night Elf Hunter

I saved my sets that I loved because they were awesome and I liked to walk around in them from time to time.

Don't try to blame other people because you didn't know something like this would happen, if you wanted to keep it you would have, regardless of whether or not this feature would have been released.

Most didn't. Especially those of us who've been playing longer than L69. Post under you main if you're going to flame.

I see no point in saving useless items. Its called hoarding. Players that do that should seek therapy.
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100 Night Elf Hunter
The only thing that makes me sad about this is that I got rid of my death knight's starting gear long ago--and there's no way to get another set.


I suppose you actually have to have the items in order to transmorgrify them? You couldn't have just owned them in the past?
100 Blood Elf Death Knight
This basically punishes Lore Masters for doing all the quests already. In order to get the look I want, I'm going to have to reroll DK and start over again to get my quest / starter gear?

Just in case anyone else wants the tier 5 deadly glad gear you can get it in dalaran for justice points =)

edit: magister sarien sells it
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85 Blood Elf Warrior
thank you,
from a happy customer
85 Blood Elf Paladin
Mind = blown
90 Blood Elf Paladin

That I would rather you spend more time making content than crap like this?

More dungeons and raids, less pretty-boy crap.


Yes, I'm sure the encounter-design team spent many, many manhours on this feature. Just like the character design team spent ages playing flutes for the music in the new molten front area and the marketing team spent all those weeks cleaning the staff washrooms.


Just. No. The amount of time Blizzard spends on developing raids and instances compared to every other aspect of the game is hugely disproportionate. There are other apects of the game than your favourite bit of it. The way my toon looks is important to many of us, and the fact that Blizzard, after *5* years and *3* expansions is finally throwing a bone to those people (and pretty much only the second thing they've ever done - the only other purely cosmetic customisation option has been the hairdresser, which has recieved almost no attention since it was added) is hardly a sign that they are spending too much time on such features. Be happy that raiders get the vast majority of the Blizzard team's efforts are dedicated to developing new raid content and don't be so churlish when anyone else gets something they want.

^^ This to all the people trolling about the next patch ^_^!
17 Worgen Hunter

I just wish this would have happened sooner.

One suggestion...
YES, REQUIRE that people own the armor piece they are transmogrifying to look like.

Personally I can't wait to have my 85 mage look like this...
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