Transmogrification is coming

29 Tauren Warrior
First let me say that this is an AWESOME change, something I have wanted for a very long time and I am so happy to see it coming to azeroth.

It seems The toon will need to own the items, it also seems that you cannot make mail look like plate so that rules out a lot of the best looks for me.

A few clarifications please, is the appearance tab on you or on the items?

Can I use boas for the skins and do it on boas?

Will this be available to us pre lvl 85?

I realize I'm a twink and you are not really concerned about twinks, but i HATE wearing the hodgepodge of gear i have on, it is unfortunately all BIS so heirloom changing is important to me.

And has any thought been given to the items we no longer have because we vendored them after giving up in despair of a appearance tab? Many of these were quest items and we can no longer get them because we already did the quest or the item was removed from the game.If you intend to limit this to only item we have as it appears is there any chance you could re introduce items from old content? If the items were re introduced on a vendor (just the skin with +1 spirit) for say 500g or more or something similar I think you could avoid the flood of 100000000000000 gm tickets this will create. If you broke them down into 4 vendors cloth leather mail and plate it wouldn't be so bad to find the one you wanted,.Heck put them all on one vendor i don't think anyone is going to complain about wading into the sea of 4000 pages lol.

Also the "must be same armor type/must be armor you can use" is an unfair restriction to classes that start with one armor class and move to another versus those that always use the same armor class.

Anyway even with all the down sides great work! I will be spending ridiculous amounts of gold to make myself pretty. Glad to see this!!!

Edit: i saved my S2 armor on my old shaman, because it was to EPIC to give up, this caused me to stop playing him at lvl 75 due to not wanting to change his gear, so i understand those of you who have grandfathered skins wanting to keep em, but really think about this, If i made a new shaman i couldn't get that gear on him as it stands.
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will there be an interface option to turn off all item changes, and if not will these item changes be allowed in battlegrounds / arenas?
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90 Blood Elf Warlock

Again, you're missing the point. I couldn't care less how easy it is. People who didn't save all their old gear shouldn't be punished. That's the point.

Punishing them would be telling them "You're never allowed to get a duplicate of this piece of gear."

You're still entirely capable of receiving the gear again yourself, you're just coming off as too lazy to get the gear you want. They're rewarding those who decided to keep their gear.

And what exactly makes them more deserving? Luck? And actually no, I have specifically said that Vengeful was what I wanted. Try again.
90 Human Paladin
I get to see my lovely Soulforge armor again!?!

[CENSORED] YEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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85 Undead Warrior
I sense an explosion in plate bikini's and the fem belf population.
85 Human Paladin
People complaining about PVP, why not just make the requirement that you can only transmogrify PvP (Resilience) gear with another piece that has Resilience?

This doesn't change much at all. The whole argument revolves around the ability to disguise yourself in *any* way, shape, or form in pvp. Being able to change yourself to look like a previous season still alludes to the fact that you cannot correctly identify your target's gear on a whim as should be (at least so far in the 7ish years of WoW).
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Very happy this is being implemented!

I do hope they reconsider the weapon type thing though. I want to be able to dual-wield blades instead of using a wonky looking stave.

Also, my set is ready!

69 Blood Elf Priest

And what exactly makes them more deserving? Luck? And actually no, I have specifically said that Vengeful was what I wanted. Try again.

We would like to offer some alternative ways to get favorite items that are no longer available, such as perhaps the dungeon tier sets or the DK start gear. This is something we will expand over time – not every favorite item will be immediately available at launch. But we’ll keep a list of items that get requested by the players and work to get them in someday.
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Is there any answer on the enchant animations on weapons - whether or not they will be transmogrified along with the weapon its on? When you transmogrify to an old weapon, will that old weapon will just look like an unenchanted version of it or will it take into account any enchants on it?
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Idiots are forcing me to see their clown suits, absolutely.

Do people wearing old gear in capital cities bother you this much as well?

No, but I don't have to raid with them wearing it, and I would know it when my opponent wasn't wearing end content gear.
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08/17/2011 11:02 AMPosted by Waynebruce
Also mention Dagger-to-sword customization, please!

pls pls pls
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08/17/2011 11:06 AMPosted by Teflonjon
Being able to change yourself to look like a previous season still alludes to the fact that you cannot correctly identify your target's gear on a whim as should be



also if blizzard is reading I'd like to know....when's the EARLIEST we can try this out? in the main client AND in PTR...I just want to know where to go and when to try this out
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9955 do you think?

I dislike that we have to wear our highest level armor set... My huntress has a really sexy leather set which I always have her on... this new "transmogriwhatever" won't allow her to wear that..

So... thank you for listening halfway to what we wanted...

It's still not what we asked for.
90 Night Elf Rogue
Without knowing the specific details of the gear involved, with rounding, one of the pictures showing the transmogrification process lists 119 gold (rounding up) as the price to alter said piece of gear.
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