Skullcrusher Old School Gankers..

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Give me a list of all the old school gankers from Prebc that you all remember both horde and alliance.
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100 Troll Druid
E B for the most part.

uhhh, Purple Dragons? (jk, any guild worth a damn cleared them out on the way to their raids)

Faeral did a pretty good job up in felwood.

God, I can barely remember last month, let alone five years ago.
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Cottonmouth, Org roof hunter.
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EB, all of the members basically.

Archaen (NA or trans? forgot)
Thokul (unholy ascension)
User (me included)
Najib (first undead on server to have epic mount too iirc)

Cottonmouth obviously but hes listed already.

I'll try to think of more, ill check out some old school screen shots i have of pre bc. but that era was literally the ganking festival of rogues only due to the suprise attack. Cottonmouth was just clever and really good at what he did, and for a while pom pyro trinket mages but no one i remember as far as world pvp ganking goes. Unless you want to list madcow, who hardly needed to gank anyone as he was probably the best pvp mage on server. same can go for haniel and all the other elite people back then. but ganking wasnt madcow's or haniels style.
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Having a hard time remembering :/

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Elidpoo, you didn't play BC. Shut it.
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08/18/2011 10:36 AMPosted by Jupe
Unless you want to list madcow, who hardly needed to gank anyone as he was probably the best pvp mage on server.

i didnt know madcow was eldersage
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90 Night Elf Rogue
Jadelah, unkillable, undead mage and king of Gurubashi Arena.

Shankmcgank, undead rogue and boogeyman of Winterspring.

...and then there was this other undead rogue who spent a lot of time in IF but I can't, for the life of me, remember his name now. He was fun though.

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85 Gnome Warrior
Aurok, Blackwidow, Jinchuu

Also there was another famous undead mage that i seem to remember getting killed by a lot heading to UBRS, cannot remember his name and its killing me. (Not jadelah)
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Fudge in sillithus on that wall in the main town where the guards would not attack!
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