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Hey there, folks! The names Masquerade, Guild Leader of The Dragonhawk Brigade and Roleplayer on Twisting Nether since 2009. It didn’t take long after I first started playing for me to get into the RP aspect of WoW, and it was here that I settled down after finding that a few other servers didn’t have the activity I was looking for. TN has everything, from hardcore raiders to expert PvPers and most importantly, a strong RP community. If you’re just getting started here I highly recommend you check out the Twisting Nether Gazette at (http://wow-tng.org) for all things RP related.

If you have anything you’d like added to this initial post please contact me in-game or on this forum. I’ll check back frequently and update often!

You can find Syloralei’s Alliance Side RP Guide here:

Here are a few ways to familiarize yourself with TN’s RP if you’re new to the server or new to RP!

Visit the Twisting Nether Gazette


    The Twisting Nether Gazette is the RP hangout for most roleplayers on TN. It’s easy to register and visiting TNG often is a quick way to immerse yourself in the RP-community. A majority of the community uses these forums actively, and you’ll find that it’s a great place to pick up on both Horde and Alliance RP.

Join the RP Channels

    /join RP

    This channel is very similar to Alliance-side, as it works as an OOC hub for players to chat, coordinate RP, and get to know their fellow roleplayers.

    /join ULRS

    Hosted by Ugraz, this is an in-character radio show with news and music.

Commonly Used Addons
(All can be found on Curse)

    Total RP 2 – Everyone’s new favorite RP mod. Combines fuctions of the Gryphonheart Items, MyRoleplay, and Tongues addons together into one awesome mod. Can take some setup, but allows you to do some really cool things like create quests, items, character states and pages for your character, their pets and companions, and much more.

    MyRolePlay- Like Total RP 2 if you just want the basics without all the cool features. Allows you to input RP information of your character that others with the addon will be able to see (also works with FlagRSP2 and Total RP 2).

    Gryphonheart Items- Allows you to create in-game items that can be seen and shared with others who also have this addon.

    Tongues- Gives you the option of speaking different languages for RP purposes that others with the addon will be able to understand. Can also alter your character’s speech in-game to give the impression of an accent.

    Elephant- An addon that keeps a much longer record of things said in chat and sorts them by Say, Whispers, Raid, etc. Useful for creating RP Logs, copy/pasting in-game, and makes catch-up easier instead of constantly having to scroll up.

For New Roleplayers

Are you interested in roleplaying but not know where to begin? Or do you simply wish to understand what it means to RP? Then check out the following articles from a series entitled All the World's a Stage.

    Creating Your Character:

    Getting Started:


-- Horde RP Guilds --

Cult of the Ðamned---http://cultofthedamnedtn.enjin.com
RP: ++ PvE: + PvP: ++

The Dragonhawk Brigade---http://dragonhawkbrigade.com
RP: ++ PvE: + PvP: ++

The Grim---http://thegrim.org
RP: +++ PvE: ++ PvP: ++

Horde Brothers
RP: ++ PvE: + PvP: ++

RP: + PvE: +++ PvP: ++

Orgrimmar Trade Cartel

RP: +++ PvE: ++ PvP: ++

    The value system is a simple way to rank your guild’s approach to content.
      N/A: -
      Low: +
      Medium: ++
      High: +++

    If your guild is Heavy RP, with some PvE and no PvP it would look like this:
      RP: +++ PvE: + PvP: -

    If you would like your RP guild included in this list, please contact me with the following info:
    Guild Name (Website)
    RP: (Value) PvE: (Value) PvP: (Value)

-- Horde RP Events --

Wyvern’s Tail Inn
    Every Night at 8pm Server.
    Valley of Honor, Orgrimmar.

Fairbreeze Faire
    Every other Sunday at 8:30pm server.
    Location Varies. Contact Masquerade/Clink.

Tavern Night
    Saturdays at 8:00pm server.
    Wyvern's Tail Inn. Contact Altherion.

    If you would like your annual event listed, contact me with the following information:
    Event Name
    Days/Time (Server)
    Location (Contact Name)
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Aww thankies masq.
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Definitely sticky worthy. Thanks Masq!
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Mm, yeah this looks great! Thanks for postin' this!
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Love it!
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This is why we love our Masqueraide.
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Sticky this or I cut you!
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I sure as hell ain't horde but I support rp.

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I agree! This needs to be a sticky!

I'm Co-GM of Imminence and we are:

RP: + PvE: +++ PvP: ++
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Sticky has been requested.
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Hai Mas! :D I support RP 110%!

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Great Job Masque!!!
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Thanks guys for all the requests and comments! Yay for getting this stickied!

And remember, if anyone has anything they'd like me to add, simply contact me here on in-game!
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hi jadesin
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