Looking for reliable founders for PvP guild

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Hello all :D

I have been playing WoW since vanilla, used to be on horde as a tauren druid/warrior/hunter. Raided a lot in vanilla and BC, but since wrath I've only done pvp. I recently took a 6 month break from the game and I've noticed that Bloodscalp - US is rather lacking in PvP guilds on the alliance side.
tl;dr: I have been playing pvp for a while now.

I am looking for experienced lvl 85 players to assist me in establishing a PvP guild. I wish the guild to be very democratic in nature so I am very open to input and more than willing to compromise. I need reliable people who can help me shape the guild and decide it's policies and general layout. I personally could create a decent website for the guild and I am interested in obtaining a ventrillo server. I have not yet created a charter as I wish the name to be mutually agreed upon by the founding memebers.

If you've read this far, you're probably at least a little bit interested. So here are the things that still need to be outlined.

The guild will be ran with a council/senate that discusses and decides priorities, stratagies and everything inbetween. Any higher level initial members would by default have a spot in the senate.

Needs to get done:
  • Sort ot basic issues. Are there enough PvPers on bloodscalp to run a succesfull guild? How much will we need to dabble in leveling?

  • -Decide Name

  • -Establish minimum entry level/Requirements to join

  • -Establish Ranks

  • -Lots of guild related brainstorming

  • -Sort website and ventrillo related issues

  • As I stated earlier, I do have a general idea for what the guild should be like. So here's what I got:

    I'd like the guild to be rather tightly-nit and disciplined. We must be this way if we wish to efficiently obtain members and hone our ability to co-ordinate and lead a succesful pvp guild. I love to pvp, however I also love to joke around. I by no means intend to have a politically correct guild. This pvp guild is by no means exclusive to level 85's. We should be open to recruiting lower levelers who wish to pvp later in the the game, and need assistance getting to this point. Be it running them through instances, or advizing them on how to play their class, they cannot be overlooked.

    The most pressing matter, of couse is starting out. How will we obtain enough members? So please, if you're interested please message me in game, For the next few week I will be on often. On a parting note, I wish to see this guild through to the end and I assure you I will be a devoted leader.

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    85 Human Warrior
    there is a dedicated pvp guild on this server for ally side if youd rather join one that is already made.
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    86 Human Warlock
    If you are interested send Shadowkite a tell! he will get ya in a up and coming guild thats gonna be mainly PvP.
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