I am looking for a 10m Horde progression guild in NEED of a hunter. My goal is to down this tier's content. My computer does not like 25s, and as I’m a poor college student, it will not be upgraded anytime in the near future.

I started raiding when Wrath came out and have downed all Wrath content. As I said before I am 12/12 T11 and 4/7 in FL.

I am looking for a guild that can get in, get things done, and have fun doing it. Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday runs after 6pm Eastern Time are preferred due to my school schedule. I would love to have vent meetings with officers to discuss things. Please do not hesitate to contact me through Battle-net at knightsofgood08@yahoo.com

P. S. Yes, I am a The Guild nerd. Get over it. =P