Recruitment: We do not recruit for bench.
1 SPriest
Will look at any hard mode ready players reguardless of current need if you improve our team.

Guild Info: 10 Man Guild ONLY
Gimped is an achievement guild with over 14,000 achievements points completed.
Management is in their 30s and have experienced all content in all expansions at the top level.
Management is very analytical and technical when it comes to raiding.
We expect knowledgable players that can take criticism and understand all aspects of the game.
We sit down with ALL players and go throught all 17 pieces of gear, spec, glyphs, and play style.
We don't assume anything and expect members to put in the effort to max/min.
When patches come out, you are expected to play the optimal talent tree for your role.

Guild provides flasks, repairs, feasts, pot, gems, enchant and consumables FREE.

Khaz Modan
Central Time Server
High to Medium Populuation
This server is highly alliance dominated.

Raid Times:
7:30-11:00 East Coast
6:30-10:00 Central
5:30-9:00 Mountain
4:30-8:00 Pacific

Raid Days::
Required: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur
*We raid till the job is done.

Contact Info:
whisper zzbolt or zbolt ingame for vent interview for real ID
Vent interview accepted as application.

We use loot council. It is simple and we don't bring overlapping classes or classes of the same spec. How long you have been in the guild and rank make no difference to us. If you contribute and show up we all gear up equally. You have a personal responsibility to know what your best in slot items are. All players will to provide a RAWR list of best in slots items and do their research.

All Achievements/Mounts completed for all previous expansions.
7/7 T12 with 1/7 Heroic Shannox
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