Original LB players?

97 Tauren Warrior
I saw you briefly on the ranch a week or so ago, I've only been back for a month or so. I wanna pvp again so bad but dailies and raiding are killing me.
90 Human Rogue
I just started to pvp again myself. I got all the dailies out of the way cept the new one and I'm half way to Revered with that. With the 5 instances a week and a few dailies a day plus a dungeon or 2 here and there and you have 1000 valor. No need to sweat it.

I do random bg's for my Conquest points. Clueless me had no idea I can make tons of cp a week. Now I know bedda
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80 Blood Elf Paladin
I just turned my account back on. Haven't played since Wrath of the Lich Man, but I bought Cataclysmics and Panda Misters, and I have no idea what is going on. Took me like 10 minutes to find the bank in Org.
90 Draenei Shaman
Wow Irukandji that is insanely bad almost like Iced's UI were he has a tiny window to see. Hi to Elven, Irukandji, Hotwire, Xenofire, and anyone else I missed who posted. Notangry is new main!

YokoKurama(Hunter), Yokodin(Paladin), Yoko(Namechanged hunter) checking in.
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90 Human Rogue
Hi Yoko!! Xeno is on Kelthuzad now and plays a rogue. I talked to him a few times. No one else from the old gang seems to be around anymore 8(
90 Undead Rogue
Hotwired! Sounds super familiar, I honestly can't remember a lot of old names. Perhaps you remember me, just some rogue who spent too much time in BRM.

90 Human Rogue
Ahhh yes I remember that name. Kravnos (NE Warrior) and myself used to go there and gank as many people as we could to get our GM ranks. We attacked the horde base, the horde npc's and all the horde we could.

You would be there doing the same thing 8)
90 Worgen Warrior
Im on a different server now, but just wanted to say hi to hotwired!

and Hi old fellow LB players!

hope you are doing well man!

it was fun pvping back in the day with you. All your screaming laughing jokes etc!

take care of yourself !

90 Blood Elf Rogue
Played as a human rogue from early early vanilla through BC. Just started up again not too long ago and switched to horde to play with some RL friends.
90 Human Rogue
There he is! Hiya Thinky!

I had a funny feeling you were still around. How goes it on that server of yours? Alli any good?

Kind of dead here in alli side. People in their own little groups and only a handful of them around now. Hardly anyone taking new people in. I don't want to faction change like that noob above me Spada who used to be a decent rogue. Now he's a backstabbing horde traitor.

I'm getting bored here tho. Nobody wants a rogue (this server alli side anyway) so I'm ready to move on out of here instead of faction change. I have my original Troll rogue that I made before I came here in December of '04. He has the Ivory raptor mount that no one can get since vanilla. The pink eyed non-armored one. I think I will bring him here and show off my mount to the nub hordes who don't have one. I believe Raelis may be the only one who has it now.

Come and visit this thread man. I'll keep on it. Good to see you Think 8)

ps........spada = nub
90 Worgen Warrior
Its a west coast based server, so you will get like 80 plus ping/ms if your on the east coast like me.

For PvE, they are good, its a pve server as well. Lightbringer has some good guilds and the server is usually pretty busy. I'm in a 10 man group, which is pretty solid.

Your best bet is trying to get into a 25 man pve guild, then rogues are very useful, 10 man its too hard to bring in a rogue. Look into AFTERMATH! cant believe they are still around!

aight man, take care, happy holidays!
90 Human Warrior
Hey guys,

<--- Tiduz

If you guys remember me, i used to arms tank like a pro.
100 Draenei Shaman
I was here in vanilla, but my main was keena NE priest but she is now a blood elf. I used to be an orc. I faction changes them both. Keena ran AV a lot and reached leutenant commander = champion.
100 Orc Warrior
11/22/2012 02:23 PMPosted by Hotwired
been here a minute

and causing trouble already!!

Go to your room young man! Don't think you will get on your computer either. I took your laptop, tablet, iphone, !@#$ under the matress, all your soft socks, and turned off the electric to that room.

I left you 2 slices of bread and a glass of warm water.

Have a good night!

Can't get them dailies done? ;)
90 Goblin Mage
Just updating here. So i reactivated a few weeks ago. Faction transfered, and now on horde LB. Some old players from Vanilla not sure if anyone here remembers guild "Uprise" we reformed into "Died in a Global" if anyone from Uprise is still around come through to horde side. We be chillin.
90 Human Rogue
I also moved my original horde guy here a week ago. I have the Ivory raptor everyone drools over 8)
90 Gnome Mage
Played for 7 years with several toons (Gorypustule, Evilkringle and the rest of the Kringle family among others). After a 10 month hiatus, I'm giving the Pandaria free 10 day trial a "look see". Have not seen any familiar "faces" nor have I ever seen the server pop so low......sad face.
90 Human Priest
12/21/2012 08:04 PMPosted by Hotwired
I also moved my original horde guy here a week ago. I have the Ivory raptor everyone drools over 8)

Old School Ride achievement FTW. :D
90 Blood Elf Paladin
I just got back after a few year hiatus. Anyone remember me?
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