Original LB players?

The original Caedia here to claim my vanilla status on the only server Ive ever played on!
90 Dwarf Warrior
Im still here.
Been here since Vanilla. Lot of fond memories. Miss my first leveling buddy "Wolfbiter". Tanked for Seditio, Pius Presidium and then Lost Chapter. Very casual play time these days but still having fun. My wife Tenacha plays on and off. My son actually started playing. I'm now his hero since I know all the in and outs of WoW. Hah! =)
70 Human Paladin
Wow do I remember way to many of you guys and how we made this game the best in vanilla. Great to hear from some of you after this long. I stopped playing about 3-4 months into BC but I was there from the start. Amazing times with Lost Chapter and tons of respect for the horde on this server. I have since rerolled on burning blade and play from time to time but nothing beats the classic game with this classic community.
59 Night Elf Priest
since day 1. 50-59 pvp will someday make a comeback :)
100 Tauren Paladin
<== Earthcleaver
15 Worgen Warlock
I have just made a return to the game after 6 years.

<---Darru Tauren Druid vanilla wow

Anyone I know still around?
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90 Human Warlock
I've been here a long time.
90 Dwarf Paladin
Themaluss another one of my Dwarf Paladins in Vanilla.

LB used to be such a great server, miss you guys!
90 Tauren Druid
xfering back to LB! been a long time!!
90 Blood Elf Paladin
Still here, even though my main back then was my Rogue "Paramedic". I remember rolling in money back then selling fire resist gear for people doing MC.
90 Night Elf Druid
Still here. Went off the server for about a year then came back. Apparently to the wrong faction though :(
100 Human Priest
What, vanilla? WHERE!
8 Pandaren Priest
hay guys wuts going on in dis thread?
90 Undead Mage
Mordachai reporting in.
Stop posting here, jesus.
90 Human Rogue

100 Tauren Warrior
Here since day one, not sure why, but it's been fun. Early wow was by far the best but more things drop on our plates and we have to play less. It's ok though. I miss reading all the bickering posts or the whose better.
80 Human Rogue
Im back, playing my warrior!
100 Tauren Druid
Never left...
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