Sardonic 6/7 Firelands N 10 M recruiting(upd)

85 Tauren Death Knight
Yep. We are currently pushing Lord RNG. All we need now is constant attendance from people who love the game and who can withstand yelling if you !@#$ed up.

We are looking to recruit 1 pally heals, and 2-3 ranged dps who are geared for firelands as much as possible. With the JP changes and the AH, you should be able to pull more than 18 k dps and 15k hps minimum.

Our raid times are Tue/Thu/ Sun - 8PM-12 PM server. Since it is only 3 days a week, 100 % attendance required. Contact anyone in guild who is online for more info. Or send an in-game email to Kestrall

Piece of advance advise....Don't waste your time and ours.
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90 Undead Death Knight
I AM THE GATEKEEPER. Seriously though, I think Sardonic is the oldest active guild on Demon Soul since those ZGR fellows took off. We've been around forever with some of us going back to the Vanilla beta. Look at our giant epeens! We're not cutting edge progression but we see bosses and then stab them with things.

Bede mentioned it but we have a seriously low tolerance for baddies. We don't want to hear about your "class disadvantage" or the magical lag spike that made you stand in fire. Our Fearless Asian Leader does not take kindly to the stupid.

Being able to discuss your class in detail is always a plus. We've bored many a canadian bull!@#$ting about stat weights and other minutia.

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90 Goblin Warrior
^ The gatekeeper has spoken.

P.S. Without the baddies though we wouldn't have half our inside jokes.
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90 Goblin Warrior
Also one last thing. We are also looking for competent players for our alt tier 11 raid on Friday Nights. We hope to establish a solid core and have that group progress into Firelands as well. Gear is less important for that group and we will consider applicants that we feel have a good mindset about the game.
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