Looking to transfer my main here, how is it?

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To anyone saying this server is dying, I came from Tanaris which might as well be the worst server in the entire game. 2nd last Alone in the Dark kill last expansion, and the best guild I believe hasn't actually killed rag on 25 yet. This could've changed since the last time I checked, but I digress.

This server is fairly decent for PVE'ers, (not so sure about PVP, definitely not my hotspot :P) and yes, if you're looking to get CARRIED through heroic content, then this server isn't for you. If you want to work the grind and actually feel accomplished by downing new bosses, then this is the perfect place for you. Several guilds are beginning to move into, or are already partially through heroic content and from the looks of things are recruiting raiders to fill roles.

This is basically the response I was looking for.


EDIT: And no, I'm not the OP. I merely rolled a character a few days ago and started to like it but was concerned with how well this server is for PvE progression since Uldaman and Garrosh is both dead Alliance-side.

This server sounds like it would be a better fit for progression.
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Wow. I had no idea this had gotten so many responses. I posted it forever ago, and didn't see any replies for a few days so I stopped checking.

My opinion so far? As of two weeks ago or so when I came over, I noticed how nice it was to play on an east coast server for once, with every guild doing things my time. I was found by a great bunch of people and I'm having a great time here. Definately a step up from raiding every other weekend or so until 4:00 A.M. on my old server...

Alliance Trade chat seems to be nothing out of the ordinary trolling wise, although no one needs a 525 Enchanter JC...

But hey, thanks for all the responses :D
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I got some good music on so I'll say straight up, this might be a bit of a shock to some people.

Two nights ago we had 9 people in the top 1000 in RBGS (US). We had 3 of those 9 in the top 700. Last season we had someone in the top 75.

Currently we have around 20~ people that I could name that are over 2200 in rbgs now (off the top of my head, there are more).

I see trade chat doing rbgs a lot - from what I hear, some of those do good and can get you capped, but dont expect 2000+ from it, I think they do good to like 17-1800.

Arena is a different story, as we are lacking a few class/spec's to make comps work. We had some people xfer off to Darkspear & Tich, but a few of them are coming back.

PVE: I don't know how far pugs go, but we are a top 50 US PvE server. We have plenty of guilds, old and new. You'll be able to get 7/7n without much of a headache on this server in a guild. Pugs could probably do 4/7, 5/7. Maybe a few good ones 6/7.

Its a good server. Dead and dying doesnt apply to a top 50 US server. Maybe to a 250-200 server. But we're better than a lot of servers, and the pvp scene is going to grow the next few weeks
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Changing my name, brb.
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08/30/2011 11:14 AMPosted by Kyric
but a few of them are coming back.

Who are be coming back?
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09/01/2011 02:54 PMPosted by Skittzzo
but a few of them are coming back.

Who are be coming back?

I'm having Swagdog xfer back once he gets the money

I have RaF with Gso, and he said he wants to just level on arygos now instead of darkspear (yet we never level anyway since im doing rbgs or he isnt on, or hes on and im not).

I had 3 people from my old server xfer, making a possible nother 2 come.

Trying to convince some friends on magtheridon to come.
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This server is pretty win... perhaps silv is just rubbing off on me (from all the Yag Xes we have in guild chat), but I think the competitiveness of a lot of the guilds on this server leads to some hilarious trade chat flaming, forum trolling, and adds a bit of urgency to the raiding scene. 9/10 doctors recommend Arygos as your semi-hardcore/casual progressive raiding server.
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Yeah it's pretty bowlin
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