[H] EXP Druid looking for a raiding home

85 Tauren Druid
Some of you may remember me, some of you may not. Either way, I am an experienced raider looking for a home filled with an established raiding core while I regain my foothold in Cataclysm. I will gladly fill into a raid when needed, but I am not looking to begin raiding immediately.

About me:

If you haven't looked to the left to check out my guild tag, I am from the guild <Disbanded> who was KT's best WotLK Horde (arguably better than the best Alliance guild) guild in terms of content downed (ICC: 12/12 reg 25, 11/12 heroic 25, 12/12 reg/heroic 10). I am very experienced raiding as balance and resto, however my kitty/bear is lacking. At one point, I was the 2nd best geared druid on the server in both resto and balance. I also have alts that were better geared than most characters on the server at one point lol :P

I am a JC/miner/cook looking to finish acquiring all relevant raiding recipes. No help required for this, but just in case you are looking for someone to fill these roles.

I am not looking for srs bsns guilds. I am way too relaxed and looking for fun to deal with drama-filled guilds or guilds that take the game too seriously. If anyone remembers <Disbanded> you'll note that we were notorious for our laid back raiding atmosphere (which was also the source of the hate we received - haters gonna hate). We got !@#$ done without a raid leader screaming into our ears and (save a few members) a bunch of drama-loving guild hoppers. I want to have fun, not make logging in a chore.

I am currently working on the firelands dailies and building my gear and am extremely interested in a guild that wouldn't mind helping me remember all of the heroic dungeon encounters to make gathering gear much less of a chore as well. Obviously, the responsibility of gathering relevant gear falls on me, but having a group that can easily and quickly run through heroics without wiping every other pull would be nice.

Thank you for your interest in a "disabled veteran" raider!

TL;DR - One of the best resto/balance druids of KT's WotLK era is looking for a new raiding home, JC/Miner/Cook, wants to be in a raiding guild filled with cool cats (lol terrible druid pun intended lol) that don't like drama and want to down shit. Help with getting relevant gear appreciated but not necessary.

EDIT: i am also not looking for role-playing guilds. i have one of the best RP stories on the server in order to be able to have my name (search for it if you're interested..should be on teh forums still), but i am not a roleplayer. light roleplaying is fine because its goofy, but if thats the only thing you do, sorry its not my thing.
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90 Goblin Hunter
Anomaly is looking for peeps to help fill out our rosters. We're currently doing 10-man content in Firelands but we're actively recruiting to try and get big enough for 25's. Right now we're working on Ragnaros (6/7 10-man thus far).

We're pretty laid back and people that have ran with us have liked the atmosphere really well. If you're interested look at our website. We'll give ya a good home. ^_^

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85 Tauren Druid
sounds good! im going to be asking around for a couple of guilds so i can find the right fit for me, but i definitely appreciate the offer!

i'll let you guys know what i decide! feel free to contact me in game, though and you can tell me a little more about your guild and core crew! ^^
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